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Third party provider terms for the Financial and Risk products and services

Please click on any of the following hyperlinks to see the additional terms and conditions imposed by the following third-party data providers regarding use of their data.

The Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters is now Refinitiv

Data providers

A number of Exchanges and other Third Party Data Sources have introduced separate policies for use of their data for Non-Display purposes. Use of their data for Non-Display purposes usually requires a direct contract with these sources and the payment of fees directly to these sources.

Non-Display Use Generally Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

(i) Use of data for the creation of new original works/derived data;
(ii) Use of data to create indices;
(iii) Use of data in electronic trading systems for the purpose of generating orders or executing transactions in an automated and/or semi-automated manner without the display of the original data. This includes, for instance, the use of the data for algorithmic trading, program trading or an automated monitoring of trading activities;
(iv) Use of data in risk management systems and portfolio management applications.

Additionally, use of data for 'spread betting' purposes may require prior agreement with Exchanges or other Third Party Data Sources.

If your organisation is using or wishes to use data as set out above (or for other Non-Display purposes), you are required to contact these sources directly and sign a direct agreement with these sources where applicable. Further details on these Non-Display policies and contact details are located in the Customer Zone: