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Thomson Reuters Hack24 Challenge

Thomson Reuters provides the technology, intelligence and human expertise that help our customers find trusted answers – and this year we are proud to be a ‘Gold sponsor’ of Hack24, Nottingham, UK’s premiere 24 hour coding competition hosted by Tech Nottingham on 10 and 11 March.

We have been an integral figure in Nottingham’s technology sector for over 20 years, building out the platforms that power global financial markets. Across the world, our thousands of talented technologists and domain experts combine, upholding over 160 years of continuing innovation to create solutions that give professionals the confidence to make the decisions that matter most.

While innovation forms a key principle of our company culture, we are committed to doing business – and helping our customers do business – in a socially responsible way. Last year, we launched the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Index -- a first of its kind investment analysis capability to support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) based investing that now accounts for about $21 trillion globally. The index ranks the top 100 publicly traded companies worldwide with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The Challenge:

Do Good With Data

Our challenge for teams competing in this year’s Hack24 competition is to tune the power of data, insight and analytics to 'create something for social good'. You decide how best to promote your idea: is it an app, a website, a collection of microservices, a blockchain - or (hopefully) something we've never heard of or considered? It's entirely up to you and your team.

We’re excited to see how hackers use the information and content provided to ‘do good.’ How can you examine big data for the benefit of society? What insights can you turn up that could be used to make the world – or even a small corner of it – a better place? We encourage you to dissect, augment and blend data with whatever you like.

The following Thomson Reuters products and services are some of those being made available for Hack24:

Open Calais - Offers the easiest and most accurate way to tag the people, places, companies, facts, and events in your content to increase its value, accessibility and interoperability.

BlockOne IQ - Allows application developers to use signed content from Thomson Reuters within smart contracts. In other words, BlockOne IQ is bridging the gap between blockchain world and a variety of Thomson Reuters data sources, including fx rates, interest rates, knowledge graph and crypto prices

Media Express - Our premium delivery services for global news coverage.

Mix them with whatever data you feel suits the challenge best - for instance, integrate with Twitter, Slack, AI system or - any publicly available data of your choice. We're excited to see weird and wonderful ways you utilise all kinds of data.

The Prize:

So the winners of our challenge can keep their hands free to code, hack and innovate on future projects, we're providing all the materials necessary for each winning team member to build a voice activated robot with Amazon Lex and then extend it. Instructions can be found in this AWS blog, and the prizes up for grabs include:

  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Clear Case box enclosure
  • Mini Microphone plus Betron bluetooth speaker
  • GoPiGo Robot Base Kit
  • Thomson Reuters bluetooth keyboard


We'll use the following criteria to judge whatever is created:

  • Positive Impact – How much can society benefit from your idea?
  • Creativity – How have you used imagination, innovation and the power of the data at your disposal to build something truly unique?
  • Teamwork – How has your team collaborated to be ‘a whole greater than the sum of its parts'?


Tickets for Hack24 have now sold out, but you can join the waiting list and find more information at https://www.hack24.co.uk/enter.

We wish all the participants of Hack24 good luck and happy hacking.