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Connecting the global professional community with exclusive insights, ideas and information on the topics that matter most. Thomson Reuters Answers publication suite brings together the industries we serve to drive profitability and help professionals connect, collaborate, navigate complex regulatory changes and manage risk in their organizations. 

Issues include:

•  Interviews and articles from experts in their field
•  Latest industry trends, strategies, challenges and opportunities
•  Data visualization
•  Research studies and whitepapers
•  Bonus content

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Insight. Ideas. Information. For professionals by professionals.

For Legal Professionals

Profit & Value

The concepts of value and profitability are linked but also quite distinct from one another. While law firms clearly focus on delivering value to their clients, at the same time they need to be profitable. Profitability is easier to measure; value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder – in this case, the client. In this issue of Forum, you will find stories about the new strategies legal organizations are putting in place to enhance both profitability and value in today’s market, in order to improve their own performance.

For Tax & Accounting Professionals

What lies ahead in your industry?

An exploration of the disruptions occurring in the Automotive, Energy, Financial, Government and Technology sectors – whether those disruptions are due to regulatory, technological or human talent/demographic shifts. 

For Energy Professionals

Who are the Top 100 Global Energy Leaders?

Wind turbine

The expansion of liquefied natural gas, increased regulations, continued low oil prices, nefarious supply chains and covert cybersecurity threats are requiring international oil companies and others to rethink their long-term strategies and identify ways to diversify. In this edition of Answers, Thomson Reuters explores the energy world of today… while keeping an eye on what’s in store for tomorrow.

For Automotive Professionals

Are you creating opportunity out of disruption?

Car factory

The auto industry is coming off a record run of auto sales into headwinds of disruptive technology and a confusing global trade environment that threaten to undermine the formula that made it so successful for so long. In this issue of Answers, we focus on disruption, the use of free trade agreements, conflict minerals risk to manufacturers and the impact of globalization in the auto industry.

For Davos Attendees

Can you find trust in a complex world?

Climbing snow covered mountain

The theme for this year’s World Economic Forum program was Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World. It speaks to the urgency many of us feel to work together, make sense of the complexity, build on our common strengths and take agency over our collective future. This edition of Answers offers just a few thoughts from our experts to start the conversation about how – together – we can restore faith in our institutions, systems, leadership and social contracts. 

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