Thomson Reuters Ventures

Investing in the future of professionals

Customers rely on Thomson Reuters to deliver trusted solutions to manage and grow their businesses. Our venture fund is yet another way that Thomson Reuters is investing in innovation. We have both the autonomy to make investment decisions quickly, and the full backing and resources of Thomson Reuters. This makes us ideal strategic investors for founders.

Principles of Thomson Reuters Ventures

Growth partners

When we invest our goal is to add real value beyond capital and contribute to the growth of a startup.

Long-term investors

Our interest is in supporting the creation of disruptive durable companies. When we invest, we do so with the expectation of building a long-term relationship.

Agility and transparency

We are committed to moving quickly on investment decisions, being open about our investment process and sharing our perspectives on investment opportunities.


With offices and relationships around the world we are excited to meet startups, and help with market access across technology innovation hubs globally.

Hear from our Chief Strategy Officer

Thomson Reuters Ventures is ultimately about investing in innovation and serving customers. Whether it be AI and ML innovations that allow professionals to better predict outcomes, identify and act on trusted information, or automate processes for greater efficiency, the overall goal remains the same. We are focused on identifying and supporting innovative companies that can help our customers deliver more value to their customers.

Thomson Reuters Ventures in the news

Press release

Thomson Reuters announces $100M “Future of Professionals” Venture Capital Fund

Thomson Reuters announces the creation of a $100M Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund to support and accelerate innovation for the “Future of Professionals.”

Why partner with Thomson Reuters Ventures?

  • Market access
    Thomson Reuters market positions, reputation, and relationships with customers make us an ideal partner for startups.
  • Startup support
    The Ventures team digs in with founders to deliver relevant strategic guidance, and we provide access to valuable resources beyond capital to help companies scale.
  • Access to experts
    Through our networks we work with startups to help them find and engage with experts who can provide valuable guidance to growing companies.
  • Community
    We are committed to being an active participant in the startup ecosystem by hosting events and helping startups network.

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