Set up a prepayment

You can prepay for services before you receive your invoice.
To make a prepayment, please call Customer Service at 1.800.328.4880 with the following information:
  1. Payment method (Credit card)
  2. Prepayment amount
  3. Product or service to prepay
Internal use only
Confirm prepayment is set up.
Check A/R Open and Cleared Items to see if the credit displays a RCd code of PP (prepayment). The text of the credit should indicate that it is an Auto Prepay and display a Prepayment ID (PPID #).
  1. From the SAP Easy Access Screen, enter the T-Code
  2. Select
  3. Enter the
    Account Number
    in the
    Enter the
    Pre-payment ID Number
    in the
  4. Select
    If accessing using the customer number, the following screen could show current and historical prepayment plans. If accessing using the ID number, the selection screen won't appear.
  5. Select the selector indicator button next to the Pre-Pay ID you want to view, if it appears.
  6. Select
  7. The details for the pre-payment plan you selected will display.
    • The assigned Credit Criteria displays the prepayments made and the balance remaining.
    • The assigned Criteria displays the subscription paid by this prepayment ID.
  • If the account is not set up with a prepayment ID or if it's set up prepayment ID but not being applied each month, refer the case to
    C2C USL CashApp
    and @ post them with the following information:
    • Account number
    • Account Name
    • Pre-payment ID number
    • Amount of Prepayment
    • Invoice Ref # of the prepayment
    • What specific items the prepayment should be applied to, include all material numbers and sub material descriptions
Forward Resolving:
I'm submitting your request to have the prepayment set up and followed.  These types of requests are completed within 3 - 5 business days. 
  • Invoices will continue to be sent on the same invoicing schedule to show how your prepayment is being applied.
  • Your invoices will show the total invoice charge, a less-prepayment amount, remaining amount due (if applicable), and the remaining prepayment balance.
  • Your prepayment will continue to be applied to the selected product or service until the remaining prepayment balance is $0.00,

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