Set up automatic payments (auto pay) with MyAccount

Adding or updating your payment information follows a similar process in our self-service portal. Begin by signing in to the self-service portal, MyAccount. If the header on your page isn't
My Account - US Legal
, go to the updated self-service portal and follow the prompts.
  1. Select
    Billing and Payment
    , then
    Manage Payment Methods
    For multiple accounts, go to the
    Billing and Payment
    section instead of the menu.
  2. Enter your payment information under the type of payment you want to use.
    Bank Account Information
    if you're adding a bank account, or use
    Credit Card Information
    to add a credit card.
  3. Mark the
    Set up Automatic Payment
    checkbox then select
    for your payment type.
    You can clear this checkbox later if you want to stop automatic payments. You can also delete this payment method to remove your payment details.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, then select
Steps to confirm Auto Charge is set up using SAP
  1. Go to
    , then select the
  2. Select
    Display Customer Master
  3. Select
    in the
    Customer Display: Initial Screen
  4. Select
    Company Code Data
    , then the
    Payment Transactions
  5. The
    Terms of Payment
    field will display one of the following:
    • CCAX - American Express
    • CCMC - MasterCard
    • CCVS - Visa
    • CCDS - Discover
  6. The
    Payment Methods
    field will display one of the following:
    • L - American Express
    • K - MasterCard
    • J - Visa
    • O - Discover
One of the above letters will display along with the letter "C" or "B". For example, if the customer has a MasterCard it will be CK or BK. But if you only see one letter whether "C" or "B", it means the account is yet not enrolled to auto charge.
This is also applicable to Canadian accounts or
Sales organization.

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