Time frame to process a refund

The time frame for a refund to process will depend on the original payment method.
  • Credit card
    If you used a credit card to make the original payment, we'll refund the amount back to the same credit card. The refund will appear within 5-7 business days after processing.
  • Check
    If you used a check to make the original payment, the refund will be reviewed by our Refund Center within 1 week. The following week, we'll mail a check. Allow up to 4 weeks to receive your refund check.
  • International
    International refunds are processed via wire and can take up to 2 weeks. Refund checks can't be generated in currencies other than U.S. dollars.
Internal use only:


As part of the CS Empowerment initiative, CSRs now have the ability to refund an Open Credit without completing a Service Cloud form, in certain situations. The situations are the following:
  • For
    Non-Premiere Accounts
    Non-Key Accounts
    the open credit can be refunded if the customer doesn't have any past due invoices.
  • For
    Premiere Accounts and Key Accounts
    the open credit can be refunded if the customer doesn't have any past due invoices more than 45 days in arrears.
  • The open credits can be refunded if the total amount of credits is less than $10,000. Credits totaling $10,000+ fall under the Exception Process and must be submitted via the Refund form in Service Cloud.
  • The credit can be refunded if it isn't due to a credit card payment.
  • The credit can be refunded if it doesn't have 1 of the following Reason Codes listed in the
    • PI (the 2nd character of this code is a capital “i”)
    • RT
    • CN
    • PP
    • BA
    • EI (the 2nd character of this code is a capital “i”)
    • OC
  • If the credit doesn’t meet the previous situations you must submit the refund request using the Service Cloud form.
Due to SOX requirements a refund can only be sent the way it was received. This is regardless of whether you are processing directly in SAP or via the Service Cloud Form.  
Internal use only:

Process refund with SAP

  1. From
    in SAP, retrieve the account.
  2. Select the
  3. Select
    Open & Cleared Items
  4. Select the
    items radio button.
  5. Verify the account doesn’t have any past due charges for Non-Premier/Non-Key Accounts or any past due charges greater than 45 days for Premiere/Key Accounts.
  6. Select
  7. Locate the Credits to refunded.
  8. Review the
    Reason Code
    in the
    column for each credit to be refunded
  9. Customer Service can't refund Credits with the following
    Reason Codes
    • PI (the 2nd character of this code is a capital “i”)
    • RT
    • CN
    • PP
    • BA
    • EI (the 2nd character of this code is a capital “i”)
    • OC
  10. If the Account AND Credits qualify for refund, go to step 11.
  11. Select the
    Credit line
    you want to refund.
  12. Select the
    Change Document
    button (pencil).
  13. Select the
    Additional Data
  14. The
    Additional Details Line Item
    popup box appears.
  15. Locate the
    Reason code
    field on the
    Additional Details Line Item
    popup box.
  16. Change the existing
    Reason Code
    to the corresponding
    Refundable Reason Code
    as described below:
    • Change the
      (duplicate payment) code to
    • Change the
      (paid and canceled) code to
    • Change the
      (overpayment) code to
    • Change the
      (paid and returned) code to
  17. Select the
    Continue/Confirm (Enter)
  18. Remove the
    from the
    Payment Block
    Failure to remove the Block will delay a refund from being processed and cause an error in the refund proposal for the Cash App team.
  19. In the
    field enter the number in the
    column from the main screen of A/R for the credit.
  20. Update the
    field by adding the document (8 or 6 series number found under the Reference column of the original debit) number after refund type.  Examples:
    • *Refund - duplicate payment 8xxxxxxxx
    • *Refund - Paid and canceled 8xxxxxxxx
    • *Refund - returned and paid 8xxxxxxxx
    • *Refund - duplicate payment 8xxxxxxxx
  21. Select
  22. Select the
  23. Select the
    icon to return to the
    Account Receivable Open Items
  24. The Credits to be refunded will now have a
    Refundable Reason Code
    listed in the
    Text field.
  25. Create a
    Service Cloud Case
    the Case with
    in the
Internal use only:

Process refund with Service Cloud

  1. From Service Cloud, locate the correct contact and open a new case
  2. Select
    Update Case
  3. Change the
    Case Record Type
    Request for Action
  4. Select
  5. Enter Case Management Codes
    Cash Apps
    Refund Request
  6. Enter the
    SAP account number
  7. Enter
    Product Segment / Brand
  8. Enter
    Product Title
  9. Enter a
    , and
  10. Select
  11. Select
  12. Select
  13. Select the open credits to be refunded (Credits will be denoted with a ‘C’ in the Debit Credit Indicator column).
  14. Select
  15. Select
    Is this a credit card payment
  16. In the Purchase Order Number field, enter the PO number the customer wants assigned to the refund. This is not required and only needs to be filled out if the customer has a PO to reference.
  17. In the Use Account Address for this Refund select Yes or No.
  18. Yes, move onto step 13.
  19. No, enter one-time refund payment address.
  20. Select
  21. A referral to C2C USL Refund will be automatically generated. Leave your case open until you see the credit has been coded for refund.
Additional Information Regarding Refunds:
If a customer with an Open credit
has debits of 1 or more days past due
and they insist on a refund, inform the customer their request will need to be reviewed.  Submit the refund via the form in Service Cloud.  The form will auto route to the Financial Service Area for review and approval.  The request is reviewed within 24 hours with a response back to the original submitter if not approved or if in question.  If approved, the request is forward to the refund center for processing.
Timeframe for Refund Checks:
  • On Tuesday and Thursday each week the Refund proposal is run which picks up any credits coded to be refunded.  The refund check is cut on Monday.  Timing Examples:
    • Credit coded to be refunded on Mon or Tues - picked up in Tues refund proposal and check cut the following Monday.
    • Credit coded to be refunded on Wed or Thurs - picked up in Thurs refund proposal and check cut the following Monday.
    • Credit coded to be refunded on Fri - picked up in following Tues refund proposal and check cut the following Monday.
  • Once the refund has been cut the customer should receive it within 4-7 business days.  The expectation we should set for the customer is that they should receive their check in approximately 10 business days.
  • Refund checks are mailed from Chase Morgan in NY.