View unpaid balance or credits

Our Accounts Receivable team will send a past due notification if charges remain open on your account past their due date. If a payment was recently made, it is possible the notification was sent prior to your payment being applied to your account. Use our self-service portal to view your current account balance, verify receipt of a recent payment, update an automated payment method, or to make a one-time payment.
  1. Sign in to the self-service portal to view your Total due.
  2. From the account's home page, select
    Billing & Payment
    and select
    Open Items & Balance Detail.
    If you manage multiple accounts, select
    Open Items & Balance Detail
    located within the Billing & Payment section of the dashboard.
  3. Open Items
    lists all charges due.
  4. Pending Charges
    lists all charges not yet billed.
  5. Balance Detail
    lists all charges open and pending.