Why you receive multiple invoices for Thomson Reuters legal products

You may receive multiple invoices with similar dates because different products and services bill separately.
You may have these types of products or services on different invoices.
  • Invoice (online & software invoice formerly named the West Information Charges Invoice):
    • Thomson Reuters Westlaw
    • CLEAR
    • Firm Central
    • Thomson Reuters Concourse
    • Thomson Reuters eDiscovery Point
    • Monitor Suite
    • Monitor Suite Intelligence Center
  • Subscription Invoice:
    • Print subscription shipments
    • Library Plan Charges (i.e., Library Maintenance Agreement and West Complete Library)
    • Assured Print Pricing Charges
    • ProView
    • FindLaw
  • New Sale Invoice:
    • The first shipment associated with new sales for non-contracted print products will be invoiced on a new sale invoice.
    • If the product is placed on subscription, subsequent shipments will appear on your monthly subscription invoice.


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