Request a subscription cancellation

Subscriptions can have different cancellation guidelines and rules based on product type (such as online services or books) and contract terms. You can call Customer Support or fill out a contact form to request cancellation information or start a cancellation request.
  1. Call Customer Support or use our online form:
    • You can call Customer Support with your 10-digit account number at 1.800.328.4880.
    • You can use our online Cancellation request form to request cancellation of various legal products and services.
    The products and services you can cancel are:
    • Print, ProView, and CD-ROM products.
    • FindLaw and Super Lawyers products.
    • Online services such as Westlaw, Practical Law, and Clear products.
    When you submit a cancellation request, it's not a guarantee of cancellation. We will review all requests according to the terms of your contract.


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