Vendor guidelines

Required Documentation
The following documentation must be submitted to West Publishing Corporation ("West") in order to open and maintain a Reseller/Bookstore account:
  • NACI Form. A New Account Credit Increase (NACI) form must be completed in its entirety, including bank and trade references. However, if a store is part of a chain (e.g., B&N, Follett, etc.), these references are not needed. The NACI form does not need to be submitted for customers who purchase on a cash-in-advance basis.
  • State Resale Sales Certificate. We cannot accept or substitute a Sales and Use Tax Certificate in place of your resale certificate.
  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (if applicable). Please note that the tax-exempt process can take 7-10 business days to verify and code to your account. Until completed, all orders will be charged tax, but once completed a credit will be issued.
  • Purchase Order. In order to establish a new account, a PO must be submitted to West. The PO only needs to be submitted when your account is initially being set up. There are no minimum order requirements.
Unless otherwise notified, you are not required to prepay for any orders.
Credit Card Payments
You may pay for any order by credit card. If you choose to pay via this method, the information must be submitted with each order. West does not store this information in its systems after an order has been completed.
  • Existing Carrier Account: If you would like West to ship under your existing carrier account, please provide shipping instructions. These instructions must include the carrier name, account number, and weight ranges for Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, and Freight. West will ship all orders in accordance with these instructions unless otherwise notified in advance and in writing.
  • No Specified Carrier: If you do not provide shipping instructions, we will ship your orders via "Ground Best Method" defaults and will add the freight charges to your invoice.
  • West does not drop-ship to Reseller/Bookstore customers.
Submit an email address to West, either for an individual or the store, if you would like to receive order and shipping confirmations.
Payments are due within 30 days of your receipt of invoice. If an account is in arrears, West reserves the right to reject new orders until the account is brought current. West also reserves the right to require prepayment for accounts that are habitually in arrears.
Online Promotions
Promotions offered through the Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions website are available only to customers who are purchasing for their own personal or company use, not for any sort of resale or redistribution. Authorized Resellers or Bookstores should ask their account manager about any applicable promotions.
Co-Op Advertising Market Development Funds
West does not provide for any co-op advertising market development funds unless specifically agreed to in writing.
West Publishing Corporation reserves the right to update and change these terms as required by law or as is otherwise deemed necessary. Customers are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms.


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