User guides for Firm Central

Client portal guide

This guide helps you get started with using the client portal.

Data and accounting migration process

This document helps you know what to expect during the migration process.

Deadline Assistant

Use this quick reference guide to learn more about calculating and managing court deadlines.

Desktop plug-in

This guide walks you through installing the desktop plug-in.

Drag and drop folders

Use this guide to learn how you can drag and drop your folders into the product for storage and anytime access.

Implementation process

This implementation guide walks you through the 5 step process.

Quick start guide

This guide covers getting started topics, features, and plug-in integrations.

Time and billing

his guide covers how to track time to matters, create and review pre-billing, and finalize and send invoices.

Top 10 steps to get started

This guide gives you an overview of navigating the product.

Working with contacts and clients

Use this guide to learn how to access all your relevant connections from a central location.

Working with documents

This guide helps you learn how to work with documents by using annotations and highlighting.