Section 7216 consent for non-US support

IRC §7216 requires consent from corporate and tax and accounting firm accounts to allow non-US customer support professionals to access tax return information when delivering support services.
Thomson Reuters has extended its support options to include customer support professionals in global shared service centers located outside the United States. Once Thomson Reuters has consent from your account, you should expect a shorter wait time for your call to be answered from one of our global customer support professionals.

About IRC Section 7216

IRS regulation 7216 is intended to help protect the privacy and security of your tax return information. That means non-US agents are only authorized to access tax return information of taxpayers in compliance with the regulation. Accordingly, if we need to open the tax return information to help you with your concern, we require your permission to proceed further before accessing the locator.

Why's it required to give a confirmation about Section 7216?

The IRS regulation 7216 includes restrictions on preparers of tax returns from disclosing or using tax return information outside the U.S. without the taxpayer's consent.

How will my call be routed if consent isn't granted for IRC Section 7216?

Your call will be routed to the next available agent that can assist you without consent.

I've never been asked for this before. What's changed?

The 7216 consent is required for compliance with IRS regulations now that our Support staff has expanded to global locations.

When did Thomson Reuters start asking for 7216 consent?

Thomson Reuters began requesting 7216 consent on July 31, 2023 after increasing our Support staff to better service customers.

Why has the process changed?

Our process essentially remains the same, but now we've engaged more agents outside the U.S. to better enhance our support services. The change in our phone options allows you to state if consent is in place for the specific call you're making. Per the IRS 7216 regulation, consent from the taxpayer is needed in order to permit their tax return information to be disclosed to or used by non-US support personnel. Providing consent gives the customer access to more support personnel globally, which should shorten the time to respond to support requests.

Can a Thomson Reuters service professional confirm if consent has been provided?

Thomson Reuters doesn't store your clients consent information. You or your organization will be able to confirm if consent has been obtained from the customer you're requesting support for.