Research your assigned judge

Once a judge has been assigned to your case use
Litigation Analytics in Westlaw Edge
to research things like their familiarity with the subject matter based on past cases, how they typically rule on motions in similar types of cases, and verdicts awarded in past cases.
You can access biographical information about attorneys, judges, experts, arbitrators and intellectual property professionals, as well as links to documents that reflect their work history.
To use these tools, select
Litigation Analytics
on the homepage. Then select
and use the search bar to search for the name of your assigned judge.
Your judge's profile contains helpful background information on the judge and contact information for their chambers.
Reports can provide insights derived from cases, jury verdicts, briefs, depositions, and a variety of other data to help develop your case strategy. The following types of reports are available for your judge:
Expert Challenge Report
Review how a judge has ruled on challenges of admissibility of expert testimony. This can help you vet potential experts and flag potential challenges that may arise to expert testimony.
Judicial Motion Report
Analyze your assigned judge's history of ruling on several types of civil motions. This information allows you to identify trends in how similar matters are likely to be resolved.
Judicial Reversal Report
Analyze a judge's appellate record. This information can be used to determine how often the judge's decisions are affirmed or overturned on appeal.
Litigation History Report
Analyze your judge's experience with a specific case type so you can better understand their familiarity with a particular subject.
If you select content in any of these reports or materials that's not included in your Westlaw subscription, a notification will pop up with options to access the content for an additional charge. If you choose not to continue, no charges will be incurred.