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Elevating the way professionals and institutions work We inform the way forward by delivering trusted content and technology that professionals and institutions need to make the right decisions

With our content and technology, and in partnership with our customers, we are modernizing the pillars of society. Through the digitalization of tax and legal professions, the free press, commerce, and the rule of law, we are elevating the way professionals and institutions work. 

Guided by our Trust Principles The Trust Principles | Thomson Reuters, we provide industry expertise, technology, and content that empowers professionals and institutions to solve complex problems and make difficult decisions with confidence.

In an increasingly complex environment, we automate mundane tasks, deliver insights, and drive efficiencies with meaningful benefits, freeing up our customers to focus on their customers.

Reinventing the way professionals work

We are constantly experimenting, innovating, and applying cutting-edge technologies to customer challenges.

Thomson Reuters Labs

Our global network of labs explore new business opportunities for Thomson Reuters, working with customers and partners to create quick, agile and collaborative experiments and proofs-of-concept.

Thomson Reuters Institute

Bringing together people from across the legal, corporate, tax & accounting, and government communities to ignite conversation and debate, make sense of the latest events and trends, and provide essential guidance on the opportunities and challenges facing their world today.

Artificial intelligence

Explore our long history of contributions in artificial intelligence, our current research projects, and the future of knowledge work.

We are technologists, accountants, editors, lawyers, and everything in between – from all over the world.

  • Jimma Elliott-Stevens
    General Counsel, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer
  • Antonio Zappulla
    Chief Executive Officer, Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Shawn Maholtra
    Global Head of Engineering
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Built on trust

At a time when the virtues of objectivity, accuracy, fairness, and transparency are under attack, we consider it our duty to pursue them — just as we have for more than 100 years.