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Just announced

Thomson Reuters Completes Acquisition of Casetext, Inc.

Together, Thomson Reuters and Casetext will accelerate breakthroughs in generative AI – revolutionizing the way professionals work and the work they do.

Imagine a better way

Thomson Reuters and generative AI are set to unlock your expertise and change the way you work.

Introduction to AI @ Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters solutions will enable professionals to... 

Provide transformative value

Demonstrate value to your customers and organization via deeper insights, advice, and enhanced speed.

Increase their efficiency

Augment task delivery with generative AI so you can focus on delivering your expertise to your customers.

Deliver exceptional work product

Develop best practices across your organization with predictive workflows to guide teams.

Here’s what we are working on

Westlaw Precision

With Thomson Reuters AI in place, you’ll find answers to your complex legal questions in seconds. 

Answers you can trust and verify based on our deep well of expert content.

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Westlaw Precision video

Practical Law

Imagine smarter, faster access to the expertise of more than 650 attorney-editors from Practical Law. All that knowledge, combined with the power of generative AI, right at your fingertips.

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Practical Law video

Legal Document Review and Summary

With generative AI reading through hundreds or even thousands of relevant documents in just seconds, you’ll be able to spot key risks, resolve questions, execute tasks, and generate powerful summaries in a snap. 

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Legal Document Review and Summary video

Thomson Reuters Legal Drafting with Microsoft Copilot

Our generative AI works right beside you in your favorite software, bringing together insights and intelligence from our trusted content and your knowledge — so you can get work done faster with confidence.

Legal drafting with Copilot

Checkpoint Edge

By providing fast, reliable answers to complex tax and accounting questions, you can be that trusted advisor to your clients or business. 

AI @ Thomson Reuters: Checkpoint Edge video

Availability will vary by region and product.

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Our investment in human expertise and AI

  • $100 million
    Investing over $100 million per year in generative AI technologies such as LLM and chat-based conversational interfaces.
  • 150+ years
    Providing professionals with a trusted, accurate source of legal and tax content, cultivated by over 2000 subject matter experts, for more than 150 years.
  • 30+ years
    Over 30 years of deploying AI and language models culminating in industry-leading innovations such as Westlaw Edge, Westlaw Precision, Practical Law Dynamic, and Checkpoint Edge.
  • 12 million
    Offering comprehensive insights through more than 12 million tax content pieces authored and updated by experts you can trust.

Our commitment to ethical artificial intelligence

Ai @ Thomson Reuters - David Wong

David Wong, Chief Product Officer
Unlock new opportunities as generative AI revolutionizes work for professionals.

Ai @ Thomson Reuters - Shawn Malhotra

Shawn Malhotra, Head of Engineering
Explore the key components that go into innovating AI at Thomson Reuters.

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