Transforming the way professionals work with revolutionary, trusted technology

Technology that safely and responsibly unites authoritative knowledge with innovative AI

Encountering innovative technology is nothing new for professionals. To be confidently embraced, it must add value in a way professionals can trust, freeing them to devote their energy and skills to what matters most.

Expertise, accuracy, and security are the foundation of delivering professional-grade AI and technology. When innovation opens the door to exciting possibilities, professionals can trust Thomson Reuters to provide accurate, reliable, and secure solutions backed by decades of subject-matter and technological expertise.

Professional-grade precision

Innovation without quality lacks the precision and reliability professionals need. We deliver precise and dependable technology solutions developed with comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date content; superior search capabilities; and a deep bench of experts that ensure the quality and accuracy of results through rigorous testing and validation.

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Highest standards of security and ethics

We stand by our commitment  to provide the highest standards of data security and ethical innovation, built on a cybersecurity infrastructure that meets or exceeds international standards. Every aspect of our AI and technology is transparent, traceable, and delivered with a human-centric approach. Our deep investment in turning out safe and responsible technology will help to ensure a secure tomorrow for the professionals we serve.

Our investments in enhanced security ensure customer privacy.
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Accelerating innovation through expertise

Our innovations don't start from scratch. At Thomson Reuters, we’ve built our generative AI and technology on 150 years of authoritative content and industry expertise. TR Labs, our dedicated applied research division, has a 30-year legacy of innovation within the technology space, pioneering enhancements in natural-language processing, information retrieval, and search. Building on our legacy of innovation and expertise, we are accelerating the delivery of technology and tools professionals can trust.

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Meet CoCounsel: The professional-grade GenAI assistant from Thomson Reuters

Your trusted partner, adding greater value to your work

CoCounsel combines data, technology, and expertise into a single assistant that addresses the full range of a professional’s needs. Complete complex, substantive work while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, quality, and security, helping to reduce inefficiencies so you can get back to the work that matters most.

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