Learn, connect, and grow at SYNERGY2022

Synergy is the moment when disparate elements come together and forge something greater than the individual parts could have achieved alone. That spirit drives Thomson Reuters and nowhere is it more palpable than at the annual SYNERGY User Conference.

When our customers, technologists, and partners gather with each other for four days of learning, community, and entertainment, the impact is felt far beyond Thomson Reuters.


Initially conceived in 1980, SYNERGY started as a simple user conference, training tax professionals to use Thomson Reuters software solutions most effectively. Over the years, it’s grown to include corporate and legal practitioners, becoming a community where like-minded professionals can connect with one another to exchange ideas, share insights on the latest trends, and celebrate each other’s successes.

SYNERGY2022 will be the first year that the in-person conferences for tax, corporate, and legal professionals will be held contiguously at the same venue, offering a more consistent, convenient experience and allowing attendees increased access to Thomson Reuters executives.

Terri Dettlaff, Director of External Meetings and Events, stated, “When you talk to a customer that's in Tax or Corporates, SYNERGY has developed its own brand recognition as a valued product training and thought leadership conference for our clients. It’s an opportunity for our leaders to share where the company is going, get insights from clients on their future needs, and build relationships. We're also building high-level, one-day Executive Summits with senior client leaders. It’s becoming a very cohesive Thomson Reuters offering.”

Sessions for Corporate Tax teams are now being offered to accounting firms along with a special registration rate for those who want to attend both the Tax and Corporate events.

Former Vantage conference attendees will find the same legal product information and training that they’ve come to expect at SYNERGY2022 for legal professionals, along with new thought-leadership roundtables, specialized experts centering around legal technology solutions, and an exclusive Executive Summit for C-suite levels. Highlights will include in-depth discussions on talent retention, technology adoption, and exceeding client expectations.

“With 85% of law firms citing insufficient use of technology as a risk to profitability, we knew we needed to level up our user conference to help our customers succeed,” shared Michelle Croteau, Vice President of Campaign Planning for Legal Marketing. She continued, "All of SYNERGY2022’s sessions and experiences were created to empower our customers to best leverage their legal technology today and know how to prepare for tomorrow to maintain their competitive advantage."

The value of SYNERGY

SYNERGY2022 now offers an expanded catalog of sessions beyond Thomson Reuters products, including unique class tracks tailored to every level of employee, more opportunities than ever for professional development, and thought-provoking roundtables on the hottest trending topics.

Andrew McCracken, Senior Director of Professional Services and executive lead of the SYNERGY2022 Tax & Accounting Professionals event, shared, “SYNERGY is now a full conference that gives anyone, at any firm, at any level, value to come to the conference. Someone could come to the conference, not own a single Thomson Reuters product, and fill their schedule completely.”

Some have attended SYNERGY since its inception 42 years ago, so it’s important that every year there are new classes speaking to the challenges of the current moment along with tried-and-true sessions on perennial priorities. The SYNERGY2022 course catalogue currently offers an impressive lineup of 128 unique sessions, 68% of which are brand new this year.

Point-and-click classes covering how to use Thomson Reuters products have been supplemented with a vast number of sessions that address the real-world challenges facing today’s firms, such as “Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Talent Strapped Economy,” “Guiding Technology Centered Change in Your Firm,” “The Power of Authenticity and How it Drives High Performance,” and “Hear How your Peers Redefined Their Practice and Had Exponential Growth,” to name a few.

Conference attendees will be able to shape and personalize their own conference experience by selecting sessions and activities to create a custom agenda for a perfect mix of networking, education, and training experiences.

A collaborative environment for engaged clients

McCracken joined Thomson Reuters in August 2012 and found himself presenting at SYNERGY for the first time that November. It’s notable that the people now responsible for SYNERGY were involved as presenters and in support before taking on roles in course development and event planning.

Andrew shared, “The presenter of the Fixed Assets CS session was unable to attend and I'm a CPA and came from public accounting where I had used Fixed Assets CS for several years. I remember Therese reached out and said, ‘Hey, can you teach the Fixed Assets session last minute?’ So, I did. That was 10 years ago, and I’ve gone to SYNERGY every year since.”

Therese Witherow, SYNERGY icon and Principal Trainer for Thomson Reuters Professional Services, recalled her first impression of the event. She shared, “2004 was my first SYNERGY. It was exciting because you have a whole different take on your experience with clients when you're used to only engaging with them on the phone. Attendees appreciate the session that you've worked hard to prepare and present to them. For me, it was really rewarding to see that side of our clients, face to face.”

At last year’s conference in Nashville, 10 cardboard cut-outs of Therese were scattered throughout the venue. Attendees had to locate and scan QR codes on each cutout to collect her Top 10 Tips for UltraTax CS.

McCracken explains, “Therese is an all-time favorite at the Tax conference. People just thought it was so fun. I think it was the highlight of the gamification at SYNERGY2021.”

What you can expect

SYNERGY attendees can personally leverage our experts, resources, tools, and insights for their long-term planning and day-to-day needs, while networking with industry peers — all at one event.

Join us at SYNERGY2022 for:

  • Networking and camaraderie with peers and friends
  • 128 unique, engaging sessions — 68% of which are brand new for 2022
  • Professional development, including CPE and other continuing education opportunities
  • Exclusive Executive Summit track for C-suite levels
  • Special registration rate for those who want to attend both the Tax and Corporate events
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History special event for Tax and Legal attendees
  • Corporates social event with special activities, food, and music

Forge something greater with Thomson Reuters

Join us this November at the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington D.C. for SYNERGY2022. Network with professionals and organizations facing similar challenges, discover innovations in Thomson Reuters technology, and find your place in a community that enables and magnifies your success.