Powering the planet

Will new energy technologies power or impede global business?

New energy technology has the potential to both power and impede your enterprise. The real questions are:

  • What side of the growth curve will your business be on?
  • Where should you place your strategic bets?

Our Powering the Planet 2045 report provides expert perspectives and business insights about how Earth will be powered in the next 10 – 30 years.

  • What will be the main sources of electricity as global leaders adjust to government mandates and goals?
  • And how will this impact business growth?

Download the report to learn:

  • What will be the main sources of power as we move through the 21st century?
  • Which investment funds are positioned to leverage new energy technology?
  • What are the financial, legal, tax, and accounting ramifications for the new power sources?
  • Which companies will be driving the transition to new power sources?


Water generates power in two ancient and eternal ways: gravity (hydro) and tidal (wave). Both methods are on the rise, with tidal seeing an 82% increase in innovation activity. Which companies are most active? What country dominates the field?


If you’re thinking of panels bolted to rooftops, you’re missing the bigger story. Solar photovoltaic (PV) is surging now. On a sunny autumn day in Germany, solar PV outperforms natural gas in power generation.


New technology and innovations have made nuclear more feasible to more governments and consumers, particularly in Europe and Asia. In the US, ongoing legal action could steer the future of nuclear power for years.

Powering the Planet podcasts

Interview with James T. O’Reilly, author of The Law of Fracking
A shift is occurring in global reliance on fossil fuels. Hear what one expert has to say regarding some legal considerations.


Carbon markets
Stig Schjolset, Head of Carbon Research & Forecasts, Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk discusses how a price on carbon impacts reduction in greenhouse gasses and explains how carbon pricing works.