GenAI Vision

Showcasing the power of CoCounsel combined with Microsoft Copilot at Microsoft Build 2024 Thomson Reuters CoCounsel and Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 will provide professionals with an improved AI experience - taking GenAI assistant know-how to the next level.

Taking the GenAI vision to the next level for professionals

Watch the video to see our vision for combining the power of CoCounsel, our professional-grade GenAI assistant and Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft's AI companion, as showcased in the Microsoft Build 2024 keynote. Together, they will streamline the work of professionals across multiple industries with an unparalleled AI experience.  

CoCounsel: Microsoft and CoCounsel Drafting video

Powerful GenAI combined for powerful results 

Unparalleled experience

CoCounsel, working in Microsoft 365 as a Copilot extension, will offer a seamless solution to help tackle business-critical issues.

Established trust

Underpinned by the trust and privacy customers have come to expect from both Microsoft and Thomson Reuters.

Personalized AI

You can access your insights and data, combined with Thomson Reuters trusted content and actioned with Copilot’s knowledge of how and where you work.

Seamless solution

Designed to tackle business-critical issues, this GenAI will give customers the ability to save effort, reduce risk, and simplify compliance.

Our work with Microsoft demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers choice – the choice to use human-centric tools which suit them best, including those embedded where they already work.
We are committed to extending Microsoft Copilot to enable new functionalities for our customers. By integrating Microsoft Copilot with Thomson Reuters extensive legal content and AI through CoCounsel— their innovative AI assistant— we are pleased to give professionals the ability to seamlessly access both proprietary and public content directly within their workflow to expedite regulatory compliance tasks.
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