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Our mental health day off seen around the globe | Thomson Reuters

Mental health and mindful practices can look different to everyone – here's how some of our teammates around the globe spent their day off!

Thomson Reuters gives employees second mental health day off and signs the Mindful Business Charter | Thomson Reuters

As a leading global employer in the knowledge economy, Thomson Reuters understands the critical importance of the mental health and wellness of our employees.

Breaking news! Intern at Reuters biggest European bureau | Thomson Reuters

Spend your summer interning at the biggest bureau in Europe, for the world’s largest multimedia news provider in Gdansk!

How are you doing today? And then going a little deeper... | Thomson Reuters

If I were to ask, “How are you?”, I bet the overwhelming majority of you would say, “I’m fine” and move on.

Stories from our team: Welcoming Ramadan, including women in tech & recruiting new teammates | Thomson Reuters

As a part of our #BeYouAtTR campaign, we share the stories of our teammates #WorkingAtTR globally.

Appreciating earth through a different lens | Thomson Reuters

Our Minneapolis Green Team challenged our colleagues to dust off those cameras, clean off those cell phone lenses, and head out to their local, regional, and state for a photo challenge!

He, she, or they? How you can help drive inclusion by sharing your pronouns | Thomson Reuters

If you’re reading this, you can see my name and my photo. What pronouns would you use to refer to me?

A day of healing: #StopAsianHate | Thomson Reuters

This day was chosen by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus as a day of action and healing in the U.S., forming one part of long overdue efforts to stop Asian hate.

Uplifting women in leadership through T.R.I.P.L.E. | Thomson Reuters

Our Thomson Reuters India Program for Leadership and Empowerment (or much easier to say, T.R.I.P.L.E.) is a 6-month virtual development program.

#BeYouAtTR: Celebrating women’s achievements | Thomson Reuters

Celebrating achievements, challenging gender inequities, and creating an inclusive world are three pillars of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) #ChooseToChallenge theme.