#BeYouAtTR: Celebrating Women’s Achievements

Celebrating achievements, challenging gender inequities, and creating an inclusive world are three pillars of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) #ChooseToChallenge theme. In honor of IWD, we’d like you to meet some of the women of Thomson Reuters we’ve celebrated and the voices we’ve amplified with our #BeYouAtTR social campaign:

"When I'm speaking to other women looking to elevate their career in sales, my piece of advice is to go for it, bring your best self every day, and know that may be a different version of you each day given the challenges you are facing! Taking calculated risks and challenging the status quo will pay off in the long run. Don’t be afraid to fail fast and make some mistakes, but learn from them and use them to make yourself better!" 

Meet Stephanie, a Director of Sales Development , Small-Mid Tax Professionals in our Michigan office.

Read Stephanie's full interview where she talks about her sales career at Thomson Reuters, qualities she looks for when interviewing candidates, and practicing wellbeing in our blog post here.

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"My first year at Thomson Reuters was more incredible than I could have imagined. I challenged myself, created, and questioned like never before. I traveled to another country, met people from other cultures, and worked alongside talented teammates in Mexico and Brazil. Now remotely, I collaborate with teams in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and the USA. Celebrating my first year virtually during a pandemic is not exactly what I expected, but it's been a memorable year with extraordinary people." 

Meet Fatima, a Strategy & Campaign Planning/ABM Specialist, in our Mexico City office.


"One of the great things about being a journalist at Thomson Reuters is the opportunity to cover events across the globe. The photo of me all bundled up is from my trip to Iqaluit to cover the G7 summit finance leaders' meeting. Since the meeting was hosted in Canada's northern tip, all journalists and policymakers in attendance dressed this way, trying to stay warm in the frigid cold temperatures! If it weren't for my role, I would have never ventured to Iqaluit.

What motivates me every day is that what you write gets read globally and can impact the world. The greatest moment is when you know your sources are reading your stories. Be it praise or criticism, you feel great, especially because of all of the work put into a story. I also lead a team of reporters, so when you feel you've helped them grow, it is such a rewarding experience."

Meet Leika, a Reuters Chief Correspondent, Policy in Japan.  


"Growing up, I remember hating my skin tone and wanting to be lighter - so much so that I used bleaching creams. I straightened my hair because my afro was looked at as “messy” or “wild.” I permed (the chemical process of straightening) my curly/kinky hair to death in my younger years. Beauty is my passion, and I see representation and ideals promoted in the media and within our communities that are catalysts for colorism and racism impacting our mental health. I could go on about the length of time it took me to remove those negative images of myself, and I want to break through these negative stereotypes.

As a member of our Black Employee Network (BEN), I share how we can use mindfulness to be aware of our inner dialogue to rethink societal beauty standards and understand different human experiences. I amplify the voices of marginalized communities while fostering closeness among black and non-black racial groups. Being a part of BEN means I get to have a hand in racial healing within ourselves and each other."

Meet Tina, a Technical Support Representative, in our Toronto office.  


"Growing up, I remember staying up late on Lunar New Year Eve with all my cousins at my grandparents' house. Traditionally, staying up late 守岁 shǒu suì is said to bring longevity to one's parents - the later you stay up, the longer they will live. We would play cards, eat Lunar New Year candies, launch different kinds of firecrackers, and watch old martial arts and folklore movies. Our aunts would sometimes even prepare late-night hot meals for us (yes, we were super spoiled). We would stay up until dawn and end the celebration by helping our aunts set up the table to pray to the Taoist gods.

Now as an adult, I bring the excitement I had when I was growing up to our Asian Affinity Network (AAN). This year, our AAN put together virtual events and a compilation of photos and videos showcasing how we, as Thomson Reuters employees, are celebrating the Lunar New Year. I am so blessed to work for a company that values such diversity and inclusion, allowing me to celebrate and share this holiday where so many of my greatest memories began." 

Meet Chun-Yu, a Strategy Manager in our Dallas office.


"This year marks my fifth work anniversary at Thomson Reuters. I began reflecting on why I've chosen to stay and grow my career here. I wanted to make a list of top memories (but there are way too many to list), so instead, I have made a top-three list of why I'm passionate about working at Thomson Reuters.

  1. Support for employees both personally and professionally (this was a big one for me, especially as we've gone through this pandemic).
  2. Empowerment to shape my career path and expand my skills through opportunities across different business units and locations.
  3. Being a part of diverse and inclusive teams that work with agility so we can always put our customers first.

Joining Thomson Reuters after my MBA, I have moved into various roles throughout the last five years. I can't wait to see where I am in the next five years!"

Meet Ekta, a Senior Business Systems Analyst, in our Hyderabad office.


"I became a mom at a young age, and I have four children. Going to college wasn't something I could manage as a high school graduate with a baby, so instead, I focused on making ends meet. I set a goal for myself that I would start college before my firstborn did. Well, time went fast, and in the fall before she graduated, I enrolled in my first college course. I took a course here and there over a few years, as finances permitted, but my goal seemed unreachable.

Upon joining Thomson Reuters, I learned that tuition reimbursements were available to me. My manager encouraged me to 'carpe diem,' so I accelerated my course load to reach my goal. In 2020, I completed eight courses, leaving me four courses shy of my associate's degree! I am proud of the renewed focus I have in achieving my goal of obtaining my degree from my dream school. Without the support of Thomson Reuters and care from my manager, that goal would not be possible."

Meet Jennifer, a Mother, Academic & HR Consultant, in our Dallas office.