Stories from our team: Mental health, lifelong goals, & digital hackathons 

As a part of our #BeYouAtTR campaign, we share the stories of our teammates #WorkingAtTR globally.

This month, our teammates shared their experiences around the importance of taking care of your mental health, achieving lifelong learning goals, digital transformation, and reporting on a global scale. Meet our teammates and read their stories below. 

Meet Matthew, a Senior Trainer, Tax & Accounting, Toronto 

"Mental health has been something I spent a large portion of 2020 working on. Pandemic aside, I had challenges I was wrestling with both last year and many years prior. After so many years of just pretending my feelings were normal, I reached out to a counselor for help through our Employee Assistance Program. When I spoke to a mental health professional, I found that I was spending a lot of time ignoring my mental health. Between talking to someone and engaging in outlets like writing, I could express the full range of emotions I had while having to endure the pandemic. I found myself feeling more and more like myself than I had in years.

With the announcement of our Mental Health Day Off and our continued focus on mental wellbeing, Thomson Reuters is prioritizing taking care of the mind, as well as the body. Talking about mental health means discussing that part of our overall wellbeing that many tend to ignore - just like I did. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. If you need help, ask for help. I did, and I finally found peace with the challenges I had been fighting with for 20 years." 

Meet Leika, a Reuters Chief Correspondent, Policy, Japan 

"One of the great things about being a journalist at Thomson Reuters is the opportunity to cover events across the globe. The photo of me all bundled up is from my trip to Iqaluit to cover the G7 summit finance leaders' meeting. Since the meeting was hosted in Canada's northern tip, all journalists and policymakers in attendance dressed this way, trying to stay warm in the frigid cold temperatures! If it weren't for my role, I would have never ventured to Iqaluit.

What motivates me every day is that what you write gets read globally and can impact the world. The greatest moment is when you know your sources are reading your stories. Be it praise or criticism, you feel great, especially because of all of the work put into a story. I also lead a team of reporters, so when you feel you've helped them grow, it is such a rewarding experience."

Meet Rob, a Manager, Web Technology Development, Dallas 

"I began my career at Thomson Reuters nearly eight years ago as a Software Engineer and have since transitioned into a leader in the Digital technology organization. I enjoy making an enterprise-wide impact and solving the most critical problems. This is why I'm always excited to participate in our internal Team Digital Hackathons.

In my second Hackathon, I was a team coach and stepped into this role because I believe that the user experience we provide to customers is the most vital part of our company's digital transformation. Working with the brightest minds during this experience was phenomenal. We completed this challenge within 24 hours and showcased it to executive leadership. Although our idea did not win, the thrill and excitement of connecting our product team with the Digital technology team to showcase a viable solution was priceless." 

Meet Jennifer, a Mother, Academic & HR Consultant, Dallas 

I became a mom at a young age, and I have four children. Going to college wasn't something I could manage as a high school graduate with a baby, so instead, I focused on making ends meet. I set a goal for myself that I would start college before my firstborn did. Well, time went fast, and in the fall before she graduated, I enrolled in my first college course. I took a course here and there over a few years, as finances permitted, but my goal seemed unreachable.

Upon joining Thomson Reuters, I learned that tuition reimbursements were available to me. My manager encouraged me to 'carpe diem,' so I accelerated my course load to reach my goal. In 2020, I completed eight courses, leaving me four courses shy of my associate's degree! I am proud of the renewed focus I have in achieving my goal of obtaining my degree from my dream school. Without the support of Thomson Reuters and care from my manager, that goal would not be possible." 

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