November 17, 2021 | INSIDE THOMSON REUTERS

Spending our company-wide mental health day off in Mexico City

As a part of our #BeYouAtTR campaign, we share the stories of our teammates #WorkingAtTR globally.

Meet Menotti, México Country Manager and Head of North Latin America, #WorkingAtTR

"For me, mental wellbeing means balance. Now more than ever, it is impossible to separate career, personal, family, health, or religion 100% from one another. We are complex, and instead of separating, we need to find balance across all the areas; if one area is off, soon, others will be as well.

This week, we had our second company Mental Health Day Off. I took this opportunity to re-center myself and find my balance. I spent the day exploring Mexico City, walking in the parks, taking a bike ride, and of course, spending valuable time with my family! I feel so lucky to grow my career at Thomson Reuters, an organization that recognizes that people want to fit their job around their life and investing in our wellbeing as not just employees but as people." #BeYouAtTR.

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