Stories from our team: Black History Month, Leadership Growth, and Lunar New Year   

As a part of our #BeYouAtTR campaign, we share the stories of our teammates #WorkingAtTR globally.

This month, our teammates shared their experiences around being a member of our Business Resource Groups and the impact they are making, growing their leadership skills, sharing cultural celebrations, and fostering inclusion.

Meet Tina, a Technical Support Representative, Toronto

"Growing up, I remember hating my skin tone and wanting to be lighter - so much so that I used bleaching creams. I straightened my hair because my afro was looked at as “messy” or “wild.” I permed (the chemical process of straightening) my curly/kinky hair to death in my younger years. Beauty is my passion, and I see representation and ideals promoted in the media and within our communities that are catalysts for colorism and racism impacting our mental health. I could go on about the length of time it took me to remove those negative images of myself, and I want to break through these negative stereotypes.

As a member of our Black Employee Network (BEN), I share how we can use mindfulness to be aware of our inner dialogue to rethink societal beauty standards and understand different human experiences. I amplify the voices of marginalized communities while fostering closeness among black and non-black racial groups. Being a part of BEN means I get to have a hand in racial healing within ourselves and each other."

Meet Ismael, a Digital Marketer, Minneapolis 

"I've worked hard to become the person I am today, building up my digital marketing experience to give our clients at FindLaw results-driven marketing solutions. I was looking for a community where I could contribute personally and professionally. That's why I joined our Black Employee Network (BEN).

Through being a member of BEN, I feel like I'm a part of a community where I can give back and become a leader. Our co-chairs and I have begun highlighting BEN members by sharing their authentic stories and achievements. By amplifying our Black teammates, we're continuing to build our community and foster inclusion across our global Thomson Reuters team." 

Meet Chun-Yu, a Strategy Manager, Dallas

“Growing up, I remember staying up late on Lunar New Year Eve with all my cousins at my grandparents' house. Traditionally, staying up late 守岁 shǒu suì is said to bring longevity to one's parents - the later you stay up, the longer they will live. We would play cards, eat Lunar New Year candies, launch different kinds of firecrackers, and watch old martial arts and folklore movies. Our aunts would sometimes even prepare late-night hot meals for us (yes, we were super spoiled). We would stay up until dawn and end the celebration by helping our aunts set up the table to pray to the Taoist gods.

Now as an adult, I bring the excitement I had when I was growing up to our Asian Affinity Network (AAN). This year, our AAN put together virtual events and a compilation of photos and videos showcasing how we, as Thomson Reuters employees, are celebrating the Lunar New Year. I am so blessed to work for a company that values such diversity and inclusion, allowing me to celebrate and share this holiday where so many of my greatest memories began."

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