Stories from our team: Welcoming Ramadan, including women in tech & recruiting new teammates

As a part of our #BeYouAtTR campaign, we share the stories of our teammates #WorkingAtTR globally. This month, our teammates shared their experiences welcoming Ramadan, including women in tech and recruiting new teammates.

Meet Dulal, HR Consultant, London

"First and foremost, I am a Muslim. My faith is more than just a belief – it is a way of life. It impacts the choices that I make and how I conduct myself. Monday marked the first day of Ramadan; the beginning of fasting, deep spiritual discipline, and coming together as a community.

After welcoming our twin girls during the global pandemic, we are celebrating Ramadan for the first time as a family of four. Every year we rotate around the homes for Iftar (breaking of the fast) which creates priceless memories as we indulge in various cuisines such as dates from Arabia for starters, soups of all kinds for the mains, and samosas as sides from South Asia. We also tend to “overcook” so we can share with our neighbors. By the end of the month, I feel I have learned something new about myself, grown spiritually, and created a healthy habit for the rest of the year to come." #BeYouAtTR

Meet Effie, Senior Enterprise Architect, London

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"All too often, as a woman in the field of technology, I’ve been the only woman in a room full of men. As a woman technologist, I’m definitely in the minority. The more senior I get, the more of a minority I’m in, and the more of a problem I realize that this is. Without women getting into careers in technology, we are missing critical voices at the table where decisions are made and problems are solved.

I lead the architecture for Order to Cash and Finance, and my team is at the very core of the Change Program that Thomson Reuters is embarking on. We are moving from being a holding to an operating company, and putting the customer experience at the heart of everything we do. The back-office systems that I am responsible for are going through massive changes, and I’m optimistic about the direction we are headed.

We’re recruiting much more than any time I remember, and front of mind is how important it is to have a diverse mindset when implementing new solutions. A career in technology is challenging and exciting, and I want more women to join our team and have the opportunities I've had at Thomson Reuters." #BeYouAtTR

Meet Rolando, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, Mexico City

"I've been at Thomson Reuters for almost two months, and within that time, I've already seen the impact of my work in talent acquisition as we welcome new hires to our growing team in Mexico City. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than meeting someone as a candidate and later on, getting to welcome them to Thomson Reuters as a new teammate. It's such a joy for me to bring people into this company where we lead by our values of trust, partnership, innovation, and performance." #BeYouAtTR

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