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Meet Gilberto, Operations & Technology, Costa Rica

Signature of excellence

Gilberto has a mind for engineering, but a passion for helping people. He started his career as a continuous improvement consultant, and readily admits, “I like to make people’s lives easier!”

“I like to make sure people can focus on the things that really add value,” he said.

He wants to help shape “frictionless” experiences where technology can be used to navigate processes and help people accomplish their goals – from growing their businesses to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

“And when you do that, you can create a legacy with your work – your signature of excellence.”

Creating an inclusive culture

Gilberto joined the Planning and Procurement team at Thomson Reuters in 2017, which works with vendors and sources how items are purchased.

“I love to collaborate around the world,” he said of working on this global team. “Every time you have a good idea, you can raise your hand and feel confident that someone is going to hear you.”

One of the projects Gilberto is most proud of working on is TR’s supplier diversity program, which aims to foster a more inclusive supply chain both at Thomson Reuters and across society.

“It provides opportunities for our third parties that are part of minority groups to have more business with Thomson Reuters,” he says. “But not only potentially have more business with Thomson Reuters, but also get exposure to processes that come from working with a large company like TR, so that they can understand and improve their interactions with other clients and have more chances to grow their own businesses.”

Environmental impact

Gilberto doesn’t just think about who becomes part of the supply chain – but also how they do business.

This means conducting business with integrity while complying with all laws, rules and standards of conduct that apply in the many countries where Thomson Reuters does business. The company develops strong business relationships with suppliers that adhere to ethical standards equivalent to its own and are clearly defined in the Thomson Reuters Supply Chain Ethical Code.

Additionally, he and his team consider environmental impacts.

“It’s not just important for the company,” he said. "It's important for the industry.”

That’s strengthening the integrity and resilience of critical institutions and systems.

That’s informing the way forward

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