How Thomson Reuters helps you know today and navigate tomorrow

With its unique combination, learn how Thomson Reuters clarifies the complex for professionals.

Think of how much the world has evolved in just the past few years. Even as little as five years ago, few people could have imagined the explosion in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology tools and applications, creating endless opportunities. GenAI has already changed the way many industries operate, and those impacts are making themselves felt and can seem overwhelming at times.

Thomson Reuters foresaw the promising implications of traditional AI technology decades ago. With significant advancements in GenAI technologies over the last couple of years, we understood early on that it could benefit you and other professionals in numerous ways. The possibilities of generative AI assisting professionals like you on a day-to-day basis are endless.

Legal, tax and accounting, and risk and fraud professionals like yourself want to know what’s happening today and confidently position themselves to navigate future challenges. That’s because your organizations and stakeholders are relying on you to provide clarity and guidance during these complex times. Because of our world’s ever-increasing complexity, you need to blend knowledge with productivity — that’s where we come in.

Our ability to anticipate the future applications of new technologies, coupled with the powerful combination of our industry-leading content, deep professional expertise, and trusted AI and technology, uniquely positions Thomson Reuters to help you clarify current complexities and those to come.

What makes us who we are

Our industry-leading content

In developing our technological innovations, we’re building upon our extensive history and depth of quality content that we provide as a trusted source of information and research. We’ve built many of our technology solutions on the foundation of our quality content. So, by bringing together our industry-leading content and advanced technology, we can provide you with accurate and highly actionable insights.

Our deep industry expertise

We have professionals with legal, tax and accounting, and risk and fraud expertise contributing to the development of our solutions and technology — so you can be confident we’ve designed the solutions with your specific needs and challenges in mind. You can tap into your professional experience to ensure that our products deliver valuable, actionable insights and optimized workflows connected to how you work.

Our trusted AI and technology

We have been providing powerful software and content-driven technology solutions for decades. As we noted, we have boosted the power of our solutions by developing deep AI expertise, with 4,500 experts in data science and around 160 AI experts. We have also committed more than $100 million per year to GenAI.

By integrating revolutionary AI into our information and workflow products, we are helping you further build your expertise, more confidently advise your clients, and provide your organization with value, preparing you for whatever you might face in the future and increasing efficiency to focus on impactful work.

What does this mean for you?

In this changing landscape, clients and other stakeholders look to knowledgeable, experienced professionals like yourself to be prepared for whatever comes. Technological innovation offers tremendous opportunities for you to see past complexity, mitigate risk, adapt to the future of work, build expertise, and provide more profitable outcomes for you, the clients, and other stakeholders they serve.

We’ve designed our solutions to help you lead the charge:

  • GenAI that can manage and analyze complex digital datasets, helping risk professionals accurately identify potentially costly anomalies and more quickly conduct fraud investigations
  • AI-powered capabilities that can speed up accounting professionals’ tax research and help their organizations stay compliant with domestic and overseas regulations
  • GenAI that can quickly provide relevant, insightful answers to complex legal research questions

As the industry-leading technology company for decision makers faced with an increasingly complex world, Thomson Reuters is helping you chart a clear path to an exciting future. We’re empowering you to see further and provide more clarity to the organizations you serve at every turning point.

Now is the time to get to know us even better. Discover more about how our brand is evolving and the innovative ways we’re helping you and other professionals know today and navigate tomorrow. Let’s begin the journey to the future today.


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Now is the time to get to know Thomson Reuters and our industry-leading solutions even better