The new way to work: CoCounsel, the GenAI assistant for professionals

Generative AI can transform your work—as long as it’s professional-grade. With the right information and CoCounsel at your side, you’ll be ready.

A generation from now, most of us will remember the first time we saw the new AI in action, perhaps through Dall-E, GPT-4, or ChatGPT. The “generative AI era,” beginning with the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, has brought about and will continue to spur some of the biggest changes in how we create, communicate, and interact that we’re likely to see in our lifetimes.

But we at Thomson Reuters believe generative AI will most profoundly transform the way we work.

The current transformation isn’t just about generative AI-powered products and solutions, though. We’re no longer in a world in which working more efficiently or achieving better results is as simple as installing a program or downloading an app. As professionals, we’re grappling with legitimate concerns about:

  • How generative AI works and how to use it safely and responsibly
  • How to evaluate generative AI products and solutions so we can make informed decisions about which to choose for ourselves and our teams
  • How the introduction of generative AI might change the nature of our day-to-day responsibilities, roles, and careers

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about all these topics. Too much. What our customers and the marketplace are saying they need most during this time of rapid change is a trusted guide to distill the noise to a manageable amount of reliable information.

Your guide to clarifying the complex

Thomson Reuters is that guide. We’re here to clarify the complex, so you can confidently arrive at the right answers for you and your work—which actually isn’t new for us. After all, we’ve been content experts for more than 150 years. And along the way, we’ve also become experts at harnessing the combined power of cutting-edge technology and our market-leading content, to deliver information and solutions for professionals worldwide, across 4 industries.

In the coming months and years, as this massive transformation unfolds, you can count on us to bring you the timely content you need, informed by our hundreds of industry, technology, policy, and product experts, on topics such as generative AI advancements and regulation, the newest applications of the technology to solutions for professionals, and what distinguishes professional-grade from general-use AI.

A new solution for a new era

Of course, you can also rely on Thomson Reuters for solutions that will put the power of generative AI safely in your hands, so you can do better work more quickly, bring more value to your clients, and be ready for the future.

To that end, we, too, have been challenging ourselves to embrace change. We’ve been thinking differently about how best to serve the needs of professionals in this new age. We’ve thought deeply about the fact that we’re uniquely positioned as a company serving the needs of people across multiple industries, to do more than simply create more new products built on generative AI.

We have the opportunity instead to create a revolutionary experience uniting all our products, across every industry we serve, that allows our customers to tap into the power of generative AI wherever they’re already working.

This is CoCounsel. Our professional-grade assistant brings the power of generative AI to complete the task at hand, from within the products you use every day. It’s at your side every step of the way, ready to perform sophisticated research, analyze dense and voluminous information, and produce a variety of content—in minutes. Think of CoCounsel as a trusted colleague to whom you can confidently delegate complex work, ready to help 24/7/365.

Today, CoCounsel lives within our law firm and corporate legal solutions, including Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel and Practical Law Dynamic with CoCounsel. Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel, our first generative AI product for tax professionals, is now in beta, with CoCounsel Audit and CoCounsel Advisory on their way. Early work is beginning on CoCounsel Fraud Detection and CoCounsel Investigators for risk & fraud professionals. And we’ve begun integrating with our customers’ most-used third-party programs, such as Microsoft 365 and database management solutions, with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and SharePoint integrations now in beta.

And this is just the initial phase of our vision for CoCounsel. Over time, what today are separate products that include the power of CoCounsel will be simultaneously accessible through a single CoCounsel chat interface. Users will simply tell CoCounsel what they need to accomplish, and it will draw from its vast, common “pool” of capabilities across products to get the job done. The experience for professionals accessing multiple Thomson Reuters’ products will be a single, ongoing “conversation” with an intelligent, proactive assistant—CoCounsel.

Most important for a solution professionals can count on—and what we mean by “professional-grade”—is that it addresses concerns regarding the safe and responsible use of generative AI in their work. CoCounsel is rooted in our market-leading, verified databases of content, understands professional standards, and can deliver reliable results at superhuman speed. And most important, it’s encrypted end-to-end, so your data—and your customers’—remains private and secure. This is professional-grade generative AI.

What’s around the corner

There’s never been a more exciting time to innovate at the intersection of technology and content, and there’s never been a time of greater possibility for professionals. During a time of such rapid and profound change, feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and even fear are understandable. And as professionals we’re right to approach the emergence of generative AI within our work with caution.

But what we at Thomson Reuters feel even more—and hope you do, too—is great excitement. Though we cannot predict what the world of work will look like in a year, or 5, or ten, we can transform it together.


The only GenAI assistant built on 150 years of authoritative content