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Human trafficking toolkits

These toolkits contain resources, tools, and information for cities and organizations to address human trafficking from a whole of government response

Available toolkits

Thomson Reuters is dedicated to supporting cities around the world, governments, and organizations to address human trafficking by going beyond established legal frameworks and leveraging all the policy and public health tools available to governments. The toolkits offered here are free thanks to the City of Houston, Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence which they developed as part of their whole of government municipal response that is recognized as a model nationally and internationally. They contain resources, tools, and information that can be easily adopted and used across multiple initiative areas from the policy-level to raising awareness. Thomson Reuters and the City of Houston hope that the toolkits save you time, increase your ability to effectively respond, and empower you and your organization to address human trafficking at an enhanced capacity.

You may preview the contents of the toolkits by clicking below. Clicking below includes your acknowledgment that you agree to use the resources in the toolkits responsibly.

Large scale public event toolkit

Resources, tools, and information for cities and organizations to address human trafficking around large scale sporting events.

Watch for traffick media campaign toolkit

Print and digital resources for high impact ads across multiple mediums with materials for grassroots outreach to raise awareness at scale of human trafficking in your city.

Labor Trafficking and Supply Chains Toolkit 

Policy resources for cities and governments to mitigate the potential for labor trafficking by procuring labor conscientiously.  

Massage Establishment Ordinance Toolkit

Municipal ordinance resources for policy makers to enhance enforcement of potentially illicit massage establishments where sex trafficking occurs.

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