April 22, 2019

Thomson Reuters celebrates Earth Day with new carbon targets 

TORONTO – In a continuing commitment to becoming more environmentally responsible, Thomson Reuters today announced its goal to be carbon neutral by 2019 and to source renewable energy for 100% of its global energy needs by 2020.

Over the past eight years, Thomson Reuters has consistently reduced its carbon footprint by streamlining its processes, systems, and locations. In addition to this, the company expects to:

  • Offset 100% of Thomson Reuters’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2019 and support carbon mitigation projects around the world;
  • Source renewable energy for 100% of its global energy needs by 2020; and,
  • Set science-based carbon reduction targets which will be audited externally to ensure international standards are being met.

“Earth Day is the largest and most celebrated environmental event worldwide. We are proud to be announcing today that we will be joining the list of the many companies who have made the switch to go carbon neutral. Not only is it the right thing to do from an environmental perspective, but it’s what employees and customers are asking us to do,” said Stephane Bello, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Thomson Reuters. “As a global organization, we have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect, and benefit our customers, employees, communities, and environment.”

Thomson Reuters has undertaken a carbon offset strategy which is geographically informed by its global footprint. As a result, the carbon offsets will have positive impacts worldwide in major markets that the company operates, including Brazil, Canada, India, and the U.S.

In support of the transition to sourcing 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020, Thomson Reuters will explore strategies that encourage immediate action, such as working with local utilities and competitive electricity market providers, among other renewable options.

Moving forward, Thomson Reuters expects a continuing downward trend in the company’s carbon footprint and will be seeking new and innovative approaches to positive social impact.

Click here to learn more about Thomson Reuters’ sustainability practices.

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