April 22, 2020

Thomson Reuters Adds Quick Check Quotation Analysis to Westlaw Edge

New AI-enabled feature provides additional layer of review and analysis to all Westlaw Edge users.

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, April 22, 2020 – Thomson Reuters introduces Quick Check Quotation Analysis, a new Westlaw Edge feature within Quick Check that examines quotes in legal documents to ensure accuracy, save researchers significant time evaluating and understanding the context of quotes, and deliver an added layer of confidence for legal professionals.

Quick Check Quotation Analysis assesses a Westlaw Edge user’s work; the work of a colleague; or an opponent’s brief, memo or other legal documents to help identify inaccuracies or potential misrepresentations of quotes. Additionally, judges will save time verifying quotes in legal documents submitted to the court and also identify inaccuracies in orders or opinions where they may otherwise have had to issue a corrected decision.

“Lawyers need confidence that their work is error-free, as well as the ability to identify whether a quote being used in an opponent’s work is inaccurate, implies an improper interpretation or may even be taken out of context to fit an advocacy position, and that’s why we built Quick Check Quotation Analysis,” said Carol Jo Lechtenberg, senior director, Westlaw Product Management. “Designed with input from our customers, Quick Check Quotation Analysis uses elements of the artificial intelligence we developed for Westlaw Edge. Since quotes do not always mirror the exact language in a case, Quotation Analysis uses AI to find, display and compare the language of the cited case to the quotation from the uploaded document. The embedded natural language processing techniques result in a quick, easy-to-use and highly accurate analysis of quotes.”

Lechtenberg continued, “Verifying quotes is both time-consuming and prone to error, especially when reviewing 10, 20 or more quotes in a brief. Every legal professional knows that missing a discrepancy in a quote, even if very slight, can significantly change the connotation. The new feature allows Westlaw Edge users to further improve efficiency, better manage risk, and maintain credibility with courts, clients and colleagues.”

Quick Check Quotation Analysis delivers an integrated report that shows a side-by-side comparison and highlights any differences within quotes from an uploaded document and the cited language from the case on Westlaw Edge. Further, users have the capability to review the context surrounding the quote from within the display or go deeper into the quoted case to verify the relevance of the quote. While the list of quotes defaults to showing quotations with differences, users can filter the list to see all the quotes and the context surrounding each quote from the uploaded document.

Later this summer, Thomson Reuters will introduce Quick Check Judicial, a new tool on Westlaw Edge for the judiciary. This feature will enable judges and law clerks to upload the filings from each side to find potential issues in party briefs.

Quick Check, introduced as part of the Westlaw Edge legal research suite in July 2019, quickly reviews a user’s motions, briefs or other legal documents to find highly relevant authority, secondary sources and additional related briefs and memoranda to ensure that customers find what they may otherwise miss in traditional legal research. Quick Check allows users to not only perform quality checks on their own completed work, but also to examine an early draft of a brief or memo to finish research faster. Also, Quick Check allows Westlaw Edge users to reveal weaknesses in an opponent’s briefs or motions.

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Jeff McCoy