April 6, 2022

FindLaw Debuts Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

Self-serve capability integrates with attorney-trusted Contract Express software

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, April 6, 2022 Thomson Reuters is introducing FindLaw Legal Forms & Services, a do-it-yourself offering for legal consumers. The first practice area is Estate Planning, integrating Contract Express software with FindLaw content and resources to provide consumers with access to easy-to-use legal forms and services.

The FindLaw.com tool guides consumers in creating forms, including basic wills, living wills and powers of attorney, by putting leading legal workflow solution Contract Express, used globally by the largest law firms in the world, into the hands of consumers. In addition to offering legal forms and services, Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning provides informational content that helps consumers understand simple legal topics.

Consumers need only answer simple questions to generate their legal documents. Individuals can choose to use the tool to complete a form on their own; find an experienced, local lawyer to help them; or start a form and then find a lawyer to review it. Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning will allow individuals to create simple and inexpensive documents to make their wishes known.

“Legal Forms & Services on FindLaw.com builds on decades of experience across Thomson Reuters in helping lawyers and consumers find legal solutions,” said Mark Haddad, general manager of the Small Law Firm business for Thomson Reuters. “We’re applying the same innovative technology we use to develop attorney-authored content and research tools for lawyers, and leveraging our expertise to better support consumers. With Contract Express powering the forms, consumers are able to access trusted FindLaw content and use leading technology from a provider trusted by legal professionals to efficiently and accurately complete their work.”

“FindLaw continues to evolve as a comprehensive legal resource for consumers, and the Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning helps make the law accessible and understandable for everyone,” said Jim Schonrock, vice president of Product & Business Development, FindLaw. “It gives individuals peace of mind, knowing they have attended to an important matter in their lives, and empowers them to do so on their own. For those with more complex legal needs, or who prefer to consult a lawyer during the process, FindLaw.com provides the largest directory of relevant local attorneys in the U.S.”

FindLaw.com receives more than 100 million visits per year from individuals seeking information about the law or a better understanding of their legal rights. FindLaw launched Legal Forms & Services to meet consumers’ growing demand for do-it-yourself solutions in certain areas of the law. As the world’s leading provider of online legal information for consumers and small businesses, FindLaw will continue to add Do-It-Yourself practice areas.

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Jeff McCoy