Market Data and Analytics

Enhance economic research and analysis with the broadest and deepest data sets and the powerful analytical tools to understand them

Thomson Reuters helps governments worldwide identify, analyze, and forecast economic and financial trends, and then confidently formulate policy responses to address them. From macroeconomic historical analysis and backtesting to transaction monitoring and international M&A activity, Thomson Reuters unrivaled historical and real-time economic data coverage and sophisticated analytical platform can be leveraged across a wide range of government activities.

Market Data and Analytics Products


Our flagship desktop solution—easy access to trusted real-time and historical pricing data, research, estimates, fundamentals, and breaking news to augment analysis and enhance decision making.


A powerful financial time series database that allows you to identify and examine trends, generate and test ideas, and develop viewpoints on the market.

Deals Intelligence

Industry-leading M&A database to monitor international transaction activity and perform market share analysis.