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Thomson Reuters Tech Talks

A series of conversations with leaders from global technology firms — including Salesforce, Cisco, and Google — about industry trends, transformational technologies, and what comes next.


Alex Paladino, Global Managing Director and Head of the Technology Practice Group, introduces a new Tech Talks series, showcasing global technology leaders.

Amy Weaver, President and General Counsel, Salesforce

Diversity in today's work environment


“Corporations are realizing the power of their platform and the responsibility that comes with that. It’s a responsibility to do well by their communities; it’s a responsibility to advocate for equality.”

Data privacy as the new normal


“When a company is customer focused, and really puts the individual at the heart of everything and respects their preferences, you’re already a long way down the road with GDPR.”

Leadership and authenticity


“One of the most important parts of leadership to me is really encouraging people to work and to lead with authenticity. I think we have to be careful in terms of how we’re coaching people.”

Mark Chandler, General Counsel, Cisco

Artificial intelligence


"The use of analytics across large data sets and the ability of machines to learn as they work through that data to come up with better ways to predict what's going to happen and a better way to generate documents, or other tools that allow us to solve problems – that will just increase day by day."



"If you don't like change and you don't find it really exciting to always have to be on your feet and figure out how to stay ahead of things, this isn't the right place for you. I happen to love it."



"We are the world's biggest Internet security company; although, since it's not our only business, we're often not recognized that way."



"I think successful partnerships for us are ones where there is risk sharing, where both sides recognize they're moving into an unknown territory and you have to live with some unknowns."  



"For innovation to flourish, you need to have an environment that allows engineers to think outside the box."

General Business Leadership


"Compliance officers who look conservatively at their role as a sort of internal police force to go figure out who's done what wrong and how to punish them are missing the opportunity to really impact the culture."

Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

Big data


"I like to refer to this as the democratization of data, because the data is available to everybody now. And the tools you need to analyze it are available to everybody. The tricky part is the expertise."

Driverless cars


"I think the industry is going to evolve into a service industry where the important thing is a delivery of transportation services and the integration of those services with other kinds of transportation."



"If some evil aliens from outer space came down and took all of our data, we’d be running again in a few weeks. But if they came down and took all of our engineers, we’d be in really deep trouble."



"As we built up the company, we ran into lots of problems in data management, ran into problems on data analytics. We had a lot of challenges, and we solved those for our business."

Recipe for success


"It’s not the ingredients that are critical, it’s the recipe....the algorithms, the analysis, the business decisions that come from looking at that data and analyzing it and understanding it."

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"I think partnership is really critical. And we’re providing a lot of these services, a lot of these innovations, a lot of the data manipulation and analysis tools through our cloud platform."