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Meet some of the people who make Thomson Reuters the Answer Company.

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    Laura Wilbanks | Thomson Reuters

    Laura Wilbanks is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Thomson Reuters.

    Richard H. King | Thomson Reuters

    Executive Vice President, Operations at Thomson Reuters.

    Shawn Malhotra | Thomson Reuters

    Shawn Malhotra is the Vice President, Toronto Technology Centre.

    Brian Peccarelli | Thomson Reuters

    Brian Peccarelli, Chief Operating Officer at Thomson Reuters, writes on tax industry trends pertinent to the 21st century professional.

    Mary Breede | Thomson Reuters

    Mary Breede is the Global Trade Management Customer Insight Manager at Thomson Reuters.

    Reg Chua | Thomson Reuters

    A longtime newsroom manager with a career spanning a quarter-century and five countries, Reg Chua has worked in print, radio, television and real-time electronic media.

    Joseph Raczynski | Thomson Reuters

    Joseph Raczynski writes on legal trends and the possible business applications of novel bespoke technology.

    Julie DiMauro | Thomson Reuters

    Julie DiMauro writes on financial services regulatory compliance news and analysis for a variety of compliance topics.

    Brian Zubert | Thomson Reuters

    Brian Zubert works on customer-driven innovation projects, exploring big data sets, and fostering innovation through partnership.

    Charlotte Rushton | Thomson Reuters

    Charlotte Rushton writes on trends within the large and midsize legal business markets.