Special Report

2024 generative AI in professional services

Perceptions, usage, and impact on the future of work

Generative AI (GenAI), once a futuristic concept, is here and reshaping the professional landscape across service industries like legal, tax and accounting, risk and fraud, and government. Since its debut in late 2022, platforms like ChatGPT and advancements like GPT-4 have demonstrated disruptive potential, enabling the rapid creation of high-quality content with heightened accuracy. While adoption isn't yet widespread, more than half of professionals believe they should use GenAI in their daily work — and they’re already planning for the specialized tools that will create this reality.

In this report, we explore how these professionals perceive the use of generative AI in their workplace, how and to what level they are using and integrating it into their processes, and perceptions of the future of work in an environment in which generative AI has made its presence felt.

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