Answers on modern slavery in business supply chains

In the report

According to the Global Slavery Index, there are 45.8 million people in some form of modern slavery, 26% of whom are children. Illegal profits generated by forced labor amount to $150 billion USD annually. We look behind these sobering numbers to help you understand the risks and prevalence of modern slavery. The potential for inadvertently using child or forced labor exists at every node in your supply chain and with every business partner, imperiling your reputation and revenue. We also examine solutions to help you root out this global scourge, and go in-depth on the financial, tax, risk and legal implications for your enterprise.

Modern slavery – and modern solutions

Our 2016 survey of more than 1,100 business leaders revealed the depth of the problem: 62% said they only conduct due diligence on the first tier of third-party relationships.

A roadmap to reducing risk

We detail a five-step approach to help you minimize the risks associated with modern slavery and create a framework for compliance and success across your supply chain.

What you need to know about antislavery regulations

Several governmental initiatives are in place to combat human exploitation. Most have clear requirements for any organization involved in the manufacture or production of goods and services.

Antislavery solutions across your business

Although modern slavery leaves a data footprint, it’s difficult to detect and report. Even so, you can minimize your risk by thinking outside the box and looking for proxy data sets to support risk information.