Code of conduct for interactive services

This code of conduct applies to users of any Thomson Reuters interactive services

"Interactive Services" means features such as instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, polls or bulletin boards or those that allow users to contribute content and/or interactivity between users (such as Thomson Reuters communities, Reuters Messaging and Reuters Space – whether accessed independently or embedded in another product/offering).

If you do not comply with this Code of Conduct, Thomson Reuters may suspend or terminate your access to the Interactive Services. Thomson Reuters may also seek recourse, including financial recourse, against you in the event of a breach, and may inform your Corporate Administrator and/or employer. In some cases breach of this Code of Conduct may mean you are committing an offense.

  1. You must follow any applicable laws, regulations or market conventions.
  2. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining all necessary consents and licenses necessary to receive or use the Service.
  3. You must not transmit, encourage or undertake the following in relation to the Interactive Services:

    – threatening, abusive, defamatory, illegal, obscene or otherwise objectionable material or behavior;

    – advertising or marketing material or spam;

    – chain mails, malicious software code or any bulky or disruptive attachments or graphics of a nature which may cause problems to other users;

    – the conduct of unauthorized investment advice or financial promotions;

    – infringement of another's privacy or confidentiality;

    – a security breach or network security risk;

    – use of a false name or details, misrepresent your role or who you work for or otherwise deceive Thomson Reuters or other users;

    – sharing of your password or account.
  4. You acknowledge Reuters Messaging is not a transaction service and any transaction you conduct over Reuters Messaging is at your own risk.
  5. You agree to inform Thomson Reuters, using the 'Contact Us' button (in your product or via the Thomson Reuters website) or via your Thomson Reuters Account Manager, of any security issues which may affect other users or which may affect the Interactive Services.
  6. If you have problems with the Interactive Services, including service quality or someone's behavior over the Interactive Services, please contact your Thomson Reuters Account Manager or your organization's support staff in the first instance. Thomson Reuters will investigate complaints raised by them.
  7. Thomson Reuters does not routinely monitor, verify, act as editor or represent the accuracy of, any material on or sent via Interactive Features, nor does Thomson Reuters accept any liability for such material. Comments and opinions submitted are those of the individual users. Your reliance on any such material is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for the information you submit via the Interactive Services.
  8. You own all of the information you post on the Interactive Services (subject to any
    confidentiality or intellectual property terms that exist between you and your
    employer). To the extent any information you post is covered by intellectual property
    rights ("IP content") you give Thomson Reuters permission to use such IP content in
    connection with the Interactive Services.
  9. You control the distribution of any information you post on the Interactive Services. Thomson Reuters accepts no responsibility for how that information is used by other users of the Interactive Services.
  10. You will not post information or distribute information that infringes another person’s copyright, intellectual property rights or otherwise violates law.
  11. You agree that Thomson Reuters may remove or block all or some information posted via Interactive Features if Thomson Reuters believes you have breached this Code of Conduct or for other justifiable reasons in order to protect against violations of law.
  12. Your organization will be responsible for all compliance obligations with respect to material sent via Interactive Services (except to the extent your organization has contracted Thomson Reuters to manage logging and archiving of such material).