Submitting non-electronic invoices to Thomson Reuters Accounts Payable

Submission of invoices for payment by supplier’s invoices for goods and services must be sent directly to Accounts Payable within seven (7) business days from the invoice date.

How to prepare and submit Non-Purchase Order invoices

If you are located in a country or region where Ariba is not available, the preferred method for submitting an invoice is as a “soft copy” via email. This option is available based on the invoice requirement by country or region, or statutory and tax regulations. IMPORTANT: If the non-purchase order invoice does not comply with the requirements listed below, our Accounts Payable team will return the invoice to the supplier for revision.

1. To ensure timely processing and payment, each of your invoices must include the following information:

  • Contains the words “Tax Invoice” in a prominent place
  • Thomson Reuters Bill To Legal Entity name & Address in full along with VAT/GST/TIN registration number
  • Supplier Name, address and VAT/GST/TIN registration number, if applicable
  • Invoice number, date and amount
  • Currency - invoice currency should align with Thomson Reuters purchase order currency
  • Purchase Order number, line item description of goods & services or type & extent of services rendered
  • Withholding Tax amount or VAT amount payable (in supplier's National currency)
  • VAT/GST/ST percentage as applicable
  • Breakdown of VAT amount payable by VAT rate or exemption
  • Foreign currency rate if an alternative currency to the national currency of the supplier is used (this rate must be based on the local tax law)
  • Company Stamp or Signature of dealer or his/her authorized representative (specific countries i.e. India, Lebanon, China, Taiwan etc.)
  • Bank Account number & account holder name has to match the set up in Thomson Reuters system

2. Your invoice MUST include the name of your Thomson Reuters contact in this format: “Attention: [Thomson Reuters contact name: first name, last name]”.

3. Attach the invoice in a PDF or TIFF format to an e-mail. Note: Each PDF/Tiff file should contain only one invoice.

4. Send the email with the attachment(s) to one of the email addresses listed below (use the one that is appropriate to your location):

  • Asia Pacific:
  • Brazil:
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa / United Kingdom:
  • Latin America (excluding Brazil):
  • United States:

Please do not submit original invoices to the Thomson Reuters employee who requested the goods or services. If you send a copy of the invoice to your contact at their request, please clearly indicate that it is a copy and the invoice has already been submitted to Thomson Reuters accounts payable via email ID. This will help us prevent payment delays.

If you have questions

Any questions should be addressed to the Accounts Payable Helpdesk at: [insert contact details]

A ticket number will be assigned to your query which should be used for any future communication and updates relating to that issue. We will respond to your email within forty-eight (48) hours.