Thomson Reuters Product Classification Matrix

Last Updated: April 2018

The following information is provided for guidance only.  All Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) reflect Thomson Reuters current interpretation of US/UK/EU export control regulations and are subject to change without notice. 

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Thomson Reuters Encryption Registration Number ERN- R100287

The Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters is now Refinitiv

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Product Name

UK Control list “rating”/Decontrol

US ECCN/Eligible License Exception


Advanced News System

Not Controlled/Authentication only/NL*

EAR99/ Authentication/NLR**

Thomson Reuters Text Analytics System (TRTS)

Not Controlled/Authentication only/NL*

EAR99/ Authentication/NLR


Onesource Corporate Tax version 9.2

Not Controlled/NL*


Onesource Workflow Manager (OWM)

Not Controlled/NL*


Acronym Definitions

ECCN = Export Control Classification Number
NL* = No License

NLR** = No License Required
LR = License Required
ENC = US Commerce Department License Exception section 740.17 of the US EAR
ERN = Encryption Registration Number
SAAS = Software As A Service
CCL = Commerce Control List

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