Peer Review Reports in PPC

For years, we’ve voluntarily had our PPC (Practitioners Publishing Company) Audit & Accounting products peer reviewed to give you the comfort of knowing our materials are reliable aids that can be used as an integral part of your quality control system.
In response to heightened public interest, the AICPA has established extensive requirements for performing peer reviews of material providers like PPC and has a special task force to evaluate the quality of provider peer reviews and to perform detailed peer review oversight procedures. The profession-wide scrutiny placed on peer reviews of accounting and auditing materials has increased, and the negative consequences of a deficient peer review are serious. If we’d chosen not to have a peer review or did so and received a rating other than pass, your firm’s peer reviewer would be required to perform additional procedures to test the firm’s engagement methodology, likely resulting in a substantially higher peer review cost to you.
Our dedication to quality contributes both to your engagement effectiveness and firm profitability.
Peer Review Reports

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