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5 things interns learned while working at Thomson Reuters 

At Thomson Reuters, our interns are given valuable skills and experiences they can later use in a full-time career. We asked both current and former Thomson Reuters interns to share what they learned while #workingatTR. 

1. Networking  skills

Reach out to fellow co-workers in your company. Don’t sell yourself short! Don’t hesitate to start engaging conversations or show them that you are interested in learning more about their background. Networking will further develop your professional network and could even enhance your LinkedIn profile! 

2. Learn from your new experiences

Take advantage of learning. Work hard! An intern learns so much during their time at a company. You have the opportunity to develop valuable skills and become certified in new technologies.  Future employers want to see you are knowledgeable in your field. 

3. Understand your career goals

Internships serve as a building block towards finding your dream job. If you didn’t enjoy your past internships try considering other roles or titles. Internships are an essential learning opportunity during your college career. Some interns fail to realize that with every new opportunity comes newly acquired skills.

4. Adaptability is key

Be adaptable to all environments you are put into. Be open to everything, maybe you will enjoy something you wouldn’t have originally wanted to try. 

5. Hard work does not go unnoticed 

Managers at Thomson Reuters want their interns to learn and grow as professionals during their internship. Expressing your skills, techniques, and ideas will show through. Continue your dedication and you will be recognized!

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