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Post-interview checklist

Everything you need to do after an interview

Job hunting can be a very stressful time in your life, and it’s important to be well-prepared for this crucial step in your career. We’ve reached out to our team of recruiters and have asked them what the best candidates do after their first interview with a company. Preparation builds confidence and we encourage you to utilize this checklist to be prepared for the next steps in the process.

Send a thank you note

A “thank you” email within 24 hours of your interview is a must. Be sure to collect business cards from the people you interviewed with and follow up with personalized emails to each. If you want to go the extra mile, send them a handwritten thank you card in the mail; an individualized touch can be especially valued in some work cultures. Not sure what to include in your thank you note? Check out this sample

Debrief and prep

Take some time to evaluate how you think the interview(s) went. How did the interviewer react to each response? Were your examples compelling and your key points clear? How could you improve for next time? It’s also important to begin preparing for the next round. Were there topics that arose during your first round that you need to look into more for the future? Take a minute to jot down notes about your interview—these will be invaluable moving forward.

Reflect on the opportunity

Your interview is a time to impress, certainly—but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate the company. How did you feel about the people you met? What is the culture like, and do you think you’re a fit? Can you see yourself growing there, and does the position align with your career goals? Articulate to yourself what you want and your salary range; you want to be prepared for potential negotiations in the future.

Be patient

The hiring process often takes weeks or months and recruiters tend to have a lot of candidates that they are working with at once. Be sure to understand the interview timeline. If you forgot to ask about next steps during the interview process, request that information in your follow-up note. It’s important to avoid reaching out prior to the timeline discussed. Respect the process and adhere strictly to the recruiter’s timeline.

Wait to connect on LinkedIn

Be sure not to send LinkedIn invitations to the people you interviewed with until after the hiring process has ended. While it’s important to review their profiles and collect any information prior to the interview, they may not feel comfortable adding you to their network until after the final decision has been made. 

Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to request candid feedback from those you interviewed with (within reason). If you did not receive an offer, you can still send an email to thank them for their consideration, reiterate your continued interest in future opportunities, and ask what you could have done better so that you are prepared for next time. 

Keep job searching

Even the most perfect interviews don’t always result in job offers. Keep an open mind—avoid getting too attached to one opportunity, and remember that every interview provides helpful preparation for your career. 

Don’t give up

If you didn’t receive an offer this time, don’t cross the organization off your list. Reach out to the recruiter and ask them if there are other similar opportunities that may be available, or if there is another open role that you may be more qualified for. Join their talent communities and job networks to stay in the loop.

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