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Meet Annie, Account Executive, United States

An early start 

Annie graduated law school at 22. She vividly remembers walking into a courtroom soon after and the judge looking at her youthful appearance, confused, and asking, “Where’s the attorney?” 

She loved the legal profession, but also wanted to be taken seriously. 

“I figured maybe I should get a little more age on me and get a little more world experience. So, I went into sales.”   

She never looked back. 

Building her career 

Annie worked for various legal product firms before joining the Thomson Reuters’ sales team in 2018. 

“My customers are lawyers, and I am in awe of the work that they do because they are amazing advocates for their clients. I love my job because I get to help them do their part in the world,” she said. “Some change the world, and some change the law, but they're all there to represent us as people, and without them our society would collapse. It’s a joy to support them along the way.” 

She also appreciates how TR takes care of her as an employee.  

“I love the people at TR,” she said. “I love the way I feel empowered working here to do the best I can at my job supporting our customers. I love my colleagues and my manager, and how I feel cared for with TR benefits.” 

She also says the company supports her need for work-life balance.  

“As a single mom of five kids, including one with special needs, TR has allowed me to have a challenging position where I can make a difference and be successful,” even with all the running around she does with her family. 

Making life easier for lawyers 

As a sales professional with a legal background, Annie is excited whenever a new feature or product comes to market. 

“I remember in law school before everything was digitized, professors would give us scavenger hunts. And if you were not the first person to get to the law book, the page might be ripped out or the book might be hidden, it was awful.” 

Thankfully, those days are far behind. Products like Westlaw Edge, Drafting Assistant, Practical Law and Case Notebook all make it easier for legal professionals to be effective and efficient. 

Thomson Reuters has a long track record of making life easier for legal professionals. Recounting the company history, Annie said, “It’s amazing to me that the West brothers thought, ‘Hey, we should catalogue all of these cases – and figure out a way to make it easier for people to practice law.’” 

And that forward-thinking continues with products like Westlaw Edge, which has advanced AI-driven search, intelligent document analysis, integrated litigation analytics – and more. 

“Our products are excellent,” she said. “There’s no comparison. The products set the bar and continue to set the bar.” 

That’s powering professionals to act with confidence.  

That’s informing the way forward. 

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