Meet Peter M.

Head of Realtime, Frameworks Product Management, Corporate, New York, U.S.

I have spent nearly 30 years with the company, starting out in London in a front-line technical role. I rapidly moved into a technical support and evaluation role for sophisticated Trading Room systems. This built my global network of contacts with Reuters and led to an opportunity to run a project in Singapore. Four years later, I had become very comfortable in Asia. So I moved to New York to head up the technology team working with our largest financial customers. Later, I moved to a central group that brings together all parts of the Thomson Reuters offering. Then I headed up the Financial Assets team.

I am passionate about driving change, including driving my career to change on a regular basis. Thomson Reuters has enabled me to do this.

"The diversity within Thomson Reuters is a huge part of being here—diversity in products, thoughts, locations, methods, and people are all vital to our success."

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