Drafting Assistant

Research, format, cite-check and analyze case law - all from within your word processor


Attorneys without Drafting Assistant spend an average of one hour per page drafting a document, as the rhythm of good draft writing is interrupted by a variety of drafting, research and analytical tasks.

With Drafting Assistant, all the tools and information you need are brought together where you draft – in your word processor. This means locating information, authority and research is fast and efficient; and when your drafting rhythm isn’t interrupted, you save time and money.



Conduct legal research from the convenience of your word processor.
Run a Westlaw search to find the case that best supports your argument – without ever leaving your word processor.
Locate Authority makes finding citations easy.
Find supporting law, monitor and automatically update the good-law status of citations in a click.
Validate Formatting function
Detects formatting errors based on jurisdictional rules and helps you correct them.
Seamless integration with everyday tools
Case Notebook integration allows you to quickly drag and drop transcripts, pleadings and other case information in your draft.