Run a Quickview usage report

You can run a Quickview usage report to view the usage on your account for Westlaw or CLEAR and see how charges have been applied to your clients. The two main types of reports are a Standard Report and Applied Special Pricing. Your reports can show charges and help you determine how your subscription is being used. Use the Applied Special Pricing report to assign charges to your clients.
Westlaw charges via QuickView are estimated and are calculated at the applicable rates, without applicable discounts, or at rates designated by you. Actual charges and taxes to be billed by Thomson Reuters may vary from the charges reported in QuickView, and you agree to pay such actual charges as billed.
You'll need to be registered for QuickView before you can use it. If you need additional assistance with your Quickview report or need to run an Applied Pricing Report, contact our customer service department. You can fill out this email form for help registering or call 1.800.328.4880 for help with other questions.
Follow these steps to create a standard report.
  1. Go to Quickview and sign in.
  2. Select
    Create Report
    if you are not already on that page, then select
  3. Your account number will be displayed, but if you have multiple accounts, you can choose an Account or Account Group from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select display from the Delivery Method drop-down to view your report.
  5. You don't need to make changes to Products or Content Family. Instead, choose a date range for your report.
  6. Select a Report Format.
  7. tip
    Summary-Account by Client by User by Day
    for the best breakdown of usage by each of those levels.
  8. Choose how you want Special Offer Charges to display in your report like
    Separate Included/Excluded Charges
  9. Choose how you want your Time Format to display from the drop-down.
  10. Clear the checkbox for Applied Special Pricing.
  11. If you need to include it, select Calculate Tax.
  12. Select
Internal Use Only:
Outside of tax rounding issues the Special Pricing total (before tax) in Quickview will match what you put in as long as you run the report for an entire month time frame, otherwise the special pricing amount will be prorated with the timeframe entered for the report. You can also use the Quickview Admin tool to check the Keycite alert billing for a customer's account. Quickview totals may differ for several reasons.
Please check for the following:
  • Prebilling Credit
    - A prebilling credit adjusts the invoice, but not the usage report.
  • Waivers
    - No billing is tracked during the waiver period.
  • Rounding
    - When numerous accounts are invoiced separately but under one billing number, the sum of all the accounts may be off by a few cents due to rounding, this typically effects tax charges.
  • Fixed Rate Add-on
    – When Fixed Rate Special Offer subscribers has a Fixed Rate Add-on and only 1 location uses it, the system will allocate the entire charge to that location. See below for instructions to add Special Offer Allocation technology to the account.
With the Special Offer Allocation technology the Fixed Rate Add-on will be allocated across all locations based on total location usage for the month. For example, if an account has 5 locations and only 1 location uses the Fixed Rate Add-on the entire allocated charge will be billed to the location that used it.  If a customer has multiple accounts and has pricing allocated to different account locations via the contract, this will also affect the report
Requests to add Special Offer Allocation should be e-mailed to *Please note – This option is only available for Fixed Rate Special Offers with Fixed Rate Add-ons.
Positive Language Customer Response:
  See options above as to why it doesn't match and ensure that is the reason for the difference:
I'm sorry about the difference between Quickview and your invoice, it appears to be due to (add your reason).  Because of that it is a little more difficult to get an exact match, we can try to change your fixed rate amount in Quickview to try and make up the difference, that way it will be closer to your invoiced amount.  
Forward Resolution Ideas:
If the customer has set up an Auto Report in Quickview, the fixed rate they chose at the time of set up may be incorrect if they reached an anniversary milestone on their subscription, make sure to inform them that they will want to keep that up to date.


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