Invoice availability and delivery dates

Invoices (for online and software products formerly referred to as the West information charges invoice) are generated at the beginning of each month. You can see your invoice on the self-service portal by day 4 of the month, while the PDF will be available on the site after day 7 of the month. This chart outlines the life of an Invoice:
Invoice activity by days of the month
Days of the month
Invoice activity
2 - 3
Charges post internally
3 - 4
Individual charges available on the self-service site
Invoices created
4 - 5
eBilling emails sent with invoice PDF attached
5 - 6
Invoice pdfs created internally
7 - 8
Invoice PDFs available for download on the self-service site
If you get your invoice by mail, your invoice is mailed to you after the billing system creates a PDF. You can sign up for eBilling to get an email of your invoice faster.


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