Subscriptions discontinued as of 9/30/2024

After careful consideration, Firm Central will be discontinued and no longer supported after 9/30/24.

Why is Firm Central being sunset

Thomson Reuters holds a robust portfolio of strategic products that require funding. The Small Law Practice Management market's very fragmented with many companies funded by private equity competing in this space. Most of these companies only have 1 product to fund and support. It's not strategic for Thomson Reuters to allocate capital to compete in this market.
To ensure a smooth transition, we have selected Clio as our Preferred Transition Partner. They are offering promotional pricing should you choose to transition to their product. While not mandatory, Thomson Reuters chose Clio for their commitment to seamless migrations and your ongoing success, with that in mind, we encourage you to transition to their service. You can contact the Clio transition team at
Our stand-alone Deadline Assistant product won't be sunset. The stand-alone version serves customers from all segments, such as GLLF, Corps, and Government. Where Deadline Assistant's included in a Firm Central subscription, such as Firm Central Premier, you'll have the option to purchase the stand-alone version.

Data extraction

You can extract your own data by use of the export functionality within Firm Central before the official sunset date of September 30, 2024.
We developed a data extraction user guide to explain the export process for each data element, such as contacts, clients, matters, documents, and invoices.
Data can't be removed after the sunset date of September 30, 2024. A snapshot of the data will be taken and stored by Thomson Reuters per our contractual obligation to preserve the data for 180 days after lapse. You'll need to request the data to be given to you by our technical team if not extracted before the sunset date.
DataRoom additional storage subscriptions
When lapsing Firm Central, those with a DataRoom additional storage subscription, you should work with your account manager to review data usage to determine if you still need the additional storage. If there's no need, Firm Central subscription will cancel alongside.

Impacted subscriptions

Impacted Firm Central subscriptions
Material number
CSFC Firm Central
FC Firm Central
FC Firm Central Essential Acct Seat
FC Firm Central Essential Seat
FC Deadline Assistant Seat
DR Additional Storage 100 GB
DR Additional Storage 20 GB
DR Additional Storage 50 GB
FC SPRO FC W Deadline Assistant Seat
FC SPRO Firm Central Premier
FC SPRO Firm Central Premier Acct Seat
FC Time and Billing Powered by Ebillity
Deadline Assistant subscriptions to continue post Firm Central sunset.